"Atomic" Erector Set?

I’ve heard that this is one of the most sought-after Erector sets as it contained a tiny amount of a radioactive substance that was used to demonstrate particle decay in a cloud chamber. Supposedly, this is the Holy Grail for collectors. How true is this?

Not an Erector Set, but a science kit. Gilbert, most famous for producing the Erector Set, also made chemistry sets and similar educational toys.

I think I know what you are talking about. Back in the back in the day, when 'ol Sup-Dub Kpowz had a band, he found an Erector Set at his grammy’s, with a small disk, maybe 1.5", with red paint that said U-234 or something. Seemed to be aluminum…those days are vats of beer ago.
I took it, over-marked it with a yellow highlighter to give it color, and glue it to the face of my guitar. I used to tell them “this fucker is NUCULAR (sp) POWERED!!!”
Both are gone now. I hope my uncle never finds out.

It didn’t look like the linked picture.

Sweeeeet. I know my hubby and a friend of ours who is as much of a geek as you can be would absolutely love to have that kit!!!