Oh, Dear! Supplies for the Budding Mad Scientist!

Why wasn’t this place around when I was a kid? The coolness factor this place is just incredible! They’ve got robots, gears, vacuum formers, Rube Goldberg supplies, and more!

Maybe they weren’t, but I’ll bet Edmund Scientific was. Not to mention surplus places like JerryCo.

I would have been constantly begging my parents for money to order stuff from that site.

Sadly, the days of interesting chemistry sets is gone.

I can remember a well-to-do schoolchum buying magnesium wire at the local toy shop. Can’t even buy that as an adult now…

Heck, I did that. They sold hobby chemicals at our local auto parts store. I bought magnesium wire, sodium silicate solution, cobalt chloride, and all the biggies. You could, if you wished, make small amounts of all kinds of explosives from what was on hand, but you were more likely to make Prussian Blue and Weather Indicators and the like.

The Black Hole Surplus Sales of Los Alamos

I wonder if this is where Blofeld shops.

Oh! My! Gawd! That place just screams, “Road trip!!!

I love United Nuclear

It is hard for me not to spend all my money there.

That’s pretty impressive fifty-six. Some of that stuff should just not be sold to the public I think. To bad they don’t sell magnesium powder. I’ve got something I’d like to try.

Road Trip? Piker!


Gosh, I hope they have a PRM-5 with a SPA-3 detector. I’d get arrested pointed it at bananas at the supermarket, but dammit, I want one!!!

Radiation. They say it’s bad for you. Pernicious nonsense! You can survive 100 chest X-rays a year!

Meh, I have no use for that uranium. I suppose it’s density could be useful, but I’m guessing thats depleted uranium. Some of the chemicals they sell though are … :dubious:

On the otherhand, long before you get to the public threat level, they will notice the guy ordering 50 kilos of potassium. So really, only hazerdous to the entrepenour.

Take a closer look at the sight.
Chemicals And Metals

Scroll down though all the other interesting stuff and you will find Magnesium Metal - Powder.

Their shipping is a tad bit slow. Otherwise I love the company. I have bought the Phosphorescent Powder, Mag Ribbons, Uranium Marbles, UV LEDs, Uranium Ore and several other Items for fun.

I’m less worried about the esoteric chemical supplies than some of those magnets they sell. They’ve got a report on their site that the child of one of their customers had its hand obliterated by the collision between two of their supermagnets. :eek:

Okay, so what’s the big deal with buying magnesium?

They sell aerogels!!! :: want :: want ::

Magnesium, specially in powder or small chips (or wire) is relatively easy to set on fire, and boy does it burn! Very, very hot and violent.

I agree, really cool, but I can’t imagine a use for them.

You have no idea. You seriously have no idea. Light it on fire? That’s childs play.

Bugger that - you use the magnesium to provide the necessary activation energy for really hot reactions - like thermite. :smiley:

Your close. Your really close. But they sell thermite, and the thermite igniter so not quite.

But your real close.