Atomic Shrimp logo artwork competition thread

This thread is a competition in which participants will be invited to create a graphical logo for an internet domain I have just acquired.

The domain is, so I’m looking for a logo depicting/embodying (the) Atomic Shrimp. I won’t specify any further than that.

(BTW, I have been granted clearance to create this thread)

So… have at it!


  1. By submitting artwork as an entry, all participants grant me an irrevocable right to use their submission in any way I see fit, free of charge. Authorship of any image used will be credited somewhere on the website.

  2. Entries should be submitted in the form of an non-watermarked image; no smaller than 300 pixels square, no larger than 1000 pixels square, in a non-lossy format (i.e. PNG, BMP, etc. but not JPEG). The entrant is to arrange hosting of the image and submit a link to it in this thread.

  3. Entries may, or may not contain the text Atomic Shrimp.

  4. Entrants are not limited in the number of individual entries they submit.

  5. There will be a small, non-monetary prize, which will be sent to any postal address specified by the winner.

  6. Participants and bystanders are invited to comment on entries. The final choice of winner will be mine, but you are all free to persuade me

(edited to add:)I’ll declare a closing date once (if) things get underway

All right! Now I have a rationale for my buying that new-ish Mac! chuckles evilly

Has this idea fallen flat? Or did I make the rules too stringent? Or are you all just busy sketching away?

I have no artistic talent, either with my hands or digitally, otherwise I’d love to participate (I have a great picture in my head of what it would look like, too.)

I had some salt and pepper prawns for dinner, and now feel inspired to cook up a logo. I’ll get back to you.

This site should not be Atomic Shrimp. It should be Atomic King Prawn okay. [/Pepe]

Maybe an atomic claw shrimp?

Mangetout: I suspect that a competition calling for new original art work will take a little time to get people’s interest aroused. Calling for existing artwork, people can post and link fairly quickly. Calling for new artwork takes time.

I’m therefore going to allow you to bump this thread more than our usual one-time bump: let’s say, every day for a week?

And, BTW, if artists are thinking of doing something, you might post here to say so. That wouldn’t be a commitment, just an expression of interest so that Mangetout will know that you’re stirring it over… as opposed to ignoring it completely.

My hat’s in the ring, Mangetout. I’m assembling source images at present. Who knew that shrimp had so many moving parts? :smiley: I’ll probably devise something over the weekend.

I’m not a professional artist (hell, all I have to work on is Microsoft Paint, fer chrissakes), but I have a what I think is a good idea for a logo. Can a rough, unprofessional drawing “win” this?

From years of living with a very talented graphic artist, it could be that your request is pretty time consuming and people do get paid for that sort of thing.

Check your email.

Here’s my
attempt at art
It was much better in my head.
Only took 45 minute of company time, though.

labtrash, that’s great!

Didn’t think of putting it online. Here’s mine then.

Wicked, jjimm

I also wanted burning buildings, but can’t draw worth a shit.

Eh, screw work.

here’s some burnin’

Working on it. I had to stablize the warp core first, but now I’ve got plenty of time to draw shrimp.

Mmmm, shrimp.

Possibly; if it’s a great concept for a logo, it might win even if the execution needs some work.

Here is an idea for the resident artists. Do the classical atom orbitals with the shrimp antennae. Either full body or just the head.

Oddly enough, I just embroidered a shrimp. He’s not atomic, but he sure is cute.