Atomic Shrimp logo artwork competition thread

I have a sketch on my desk I am planning to work on some throughout the week. It’s a fun idea and I am planning to drag out all the 1920s Style Death… er, Radio Energy Control Module bits I like to use.

I just spent a certain amount of time working something up. I think it’ll do nicely – have a look. Er… you do have an electron microscope, don’t you?

By the way, what’s to be the theme of this website?

You should recruit the Queen of Anagram Cartoons, Amazon Floozy Goddess.

I’m intending to use it as an umbrella for some of my video and audiovisual stuff, but that needn’t be reflected in the logo (in fact, perhaps shouldn’t, as the site may end up being used for other things additionally)


Bumpy, indeed. Everyone else was going for the Monster Shrimp, so I went in the other direction:
Less Threatening.
That’s a JPEG image, but I’m able to export it to just about anything you’d want. Comes with or without the lettering, of course.

Atomic Shrimp.

Although, to be honest, I think Daithi Lacha’s submission rocks.

With apologies to Dr. Strangelove.


Thanks for all the submissions so far…

OK, this is my last submission, I swear:


Nice one!

Thanks. That’s my best entry, I think. I spent my day today discovering Paint.NET and the ‘gradient’ feature.

It’s probably best that I’m going back to work tomorrow; I could play with that program all day.

My Entry

The original is 900x900 in the Gimp’s XCF format.

Can the rest of us vote? If we can vote, I vote for this one. It’s tha bomb!

Okay, I go now. :smiley: :smack: :smiley:

No use to you I feel but I did this a while back

It’s more prawn based and in the wrong format but what the hey, eh?

Revamped shrimpage!

Getting better, I think.

Boy, I’d like to start a site just to run these puppies.

I’m getting hungry for some shrimp.

Thanks for all the contributions. I think I’ll set the closing date for entries as midnight(GMT) at the end of this month, and I’ll announce the winner shortly afterwards. There’s no voting as such, but if you want to argue the case for any particular entry, I’m open to persuasion (but not bribery).

Thanks for the long deadline. I’ve got a pretty good iidea, but no wacom board at home and it’s taking forever, drawing with the mouse, especially, since I can’t draw. It’s working out well anyway and gives me further practice with Illustrator.

I’ll be back.

That was a bitch. I’m glad I have clipart albums (corel magic and some other), because drawing is not my strongest ability. I can imagine what things should be like, but getting that from my brain to a pen is not fun.

It didn’t turn out as cool as I hoped, but here’s my effort. I did it in illustrator, so changes can easily be made.