Attack By Israel

I read an article in the paper yesterday that suggested the Israeli air force purposely sank an American ship during one of the Arab-Israeli wars. The article further suggested the sinking was done in the hope that Americans would think the Egyptians did it and the Americans would then lend Israel further support. Is any of this true?

In 1967, the Israeli Air Force did sink an American ship, the USS Liberty.

Beyond that, the truth is in rather comlete dispute (and is currently being debated in Great Debates for instance).

Well, the USS lyberty WAS attacked by israel air and sea forces off the Sinai coast.

IIRC the sailors say they were not only flying the U.S flag, but also waved at israeli pilots as they flew by.

They were then suddenly attacked and nearly sunk.

Many reasons as to why israel attacked the Liberty have been considered. Israel has maintained that it was an accident, and until recently the U.S has agreed with that contention (I belive recently it has been brought to light that the administration at that time covered up the truth about the attack - that it was deliberate).

Some say that the attack was commited by israel in order to bring the U.S to the war, other’s say it was to prevent the U.S from finding out that not far away israeli soldiers were murdering civilians.

I don’t believe anything more concrete than that has been brought to light.

Here’s a link to an earlier thread. Unfortunately, the link to the “New Republic” article no longer works without a subscription. It was a very interesting read.