Attack of the blank e-mails!

For the last week or so, I have been receiving a flurry of blank emails - nothing in the sender’s name, message title, or message body. I’m talking 10-15 EVERY DAY in two different email addresses!

I normally use Thunderbird to retrieve my mail, but I’ve been going directly to my ISP (Comcast) so I can at least report the offending emails as spam (not that that has helped any). When I get the mail from Comcast directly, the sender’s name just shows “Unknown Sender”.

What is the deal here?

Good question, I’ve the same problem, with the same ISP…


I usually avoid “mee too” posts, but…

me too

I checked the Comcast email forum and we are not alone. They are supposedly working on a filter.

You know, just this morning I was wondering the same thing.

I really hope these are normal e-mails that are getting wiped. That would explain why I haven’t been hearing from certain people.

Me, too. I think mine were spam, though. I can’t remember if I checked the full headers, and didn’t recognise anything in there.

My Thunderbird broke, though, so my email’s all wonky.

My problem is flocks of Spanish (or Portugese?) Undeliverable errors…I’m in Denver colorado and don’t email many Portugese.

You know, I used to get those all the time, but I haven’t gotten one in ages now. (Same ISP.)

I also get these totally blank messages periodically. I thought they were being sent by someone to check if the email address is live – an invalid address would generate an error. This would (probably?) require a valid return address on the message.

You too? Jesus, I thought I was getting DOS’ed by a complete idiot.