Attack of the Clones Question -- (Spoilers)

The changeling bounty-hunter who has her arm lopped off by Obi-Wan in the bar… uh, left arm or right arm? The novelization doesn’t specify.

Yes, I think about Star Wars too much. (Why I care about the handedness of the BH is spelled out in the linked thread.)
I can’t wait to see Jango. Here’s nine-year-old Mudd w/ 12" Boba Fett figure, Xmas morning, '79. Good times. :)[/sub]

But … Fett didn’t appear until Empire, and that was released on 21 May 1980. Were the toys released in advance back then as well, is the date mixed up, or are you able to help me out with this little time travel problem I’ve got?

And after reviewing the trailers … it’s inconclusive.

Sorry, lno. Can’t speak to when the figures came out, but Boba Fett first appeared on the “Star Wars Christmas Special,” which aired in 1978 and of which it is best to speak very little.

Ayuh-- Boba Fett a big hit with the fans from the get-go-- pretty much the only thing about the Holiday Special that folks would admit was pretty cool.

Boba Fett was the first ESB toy released – initially as a special mail-order offer- all through 1979, the Kenner mini-figures had a deal where you could send in x number of proof-of-purchases to get a wee Boba.

Here’s a pic from my 9th B-day (November '79) You can see Boba Fett in the foreground, with a Tusken Raider figure. I love bucket-head.

The right.

EVERYBODY loses a right arm in Star Wars…except in the Phantom Menace. Curse Lucas for breaking with his own tradition.

Oh right, the Holiday Special. And we were just taking about that a few weeks ago. I’ll turn in my geek card, I promise.

It looks like there was a Boba Fett figure with the original Star Wars movie:

If the eBay link doesn’t work, just search for Boba Fett and look at “highest priced”. High price indeed!

Also someone said that someone lost an arm in every movie, who lost it in Star Wars?

Ponda Baba, the ugly alien at the cantina hanging out with Dr. Evazan. They threatened to kill Luke Skywalker.

Ponda Babd subsequently tries to grab Luke, and Obi-Wan slices his arm off. Very nasty, but started a great tradition.

And don’t forget, C3PO loses an arm after falling off the bluff during the Tusken Raider attack. But as I try to visualize the scene in my head, it seems it was Goldenrod’s left arm. Anybody got a videotape handy?

Thanks for the arm references! For some reason, I was thinking of only the main characters.

Definitely the left arm-- which is logically consistent, since without it he is self-sacrificing – “You go on, master Luke-- there’s no sense in your risking yourself on my account.”