Attack of the rhubarb!

Last week my parents descended upon my new home in London, bombarding me with approximately one metric tonne of rhubarb from their garden. I’d only asked for enough to make my tried-and-true rhubarb coffee cake, but my parents - no doubt imagining their favorite son wasting away, mongrel-like, two provinces removed from their loving care - decided instead to clear cut the entire National Rhubarb Forest Preserve for my benefit.

Thus, I’m looking for recipes. Recipes for rhubarb jam, rhubarb chutney, rhubarb curry, rhubarb jambalaya, stir-fried rhubarb, rhubarb-infused porkchops - you name it. The more obscure, the better - I could write my first novel on the back of the strawberry-rhubarb pie recipes I’ve accumulated.

Have at it!

Rhubarb ketchup may sound weird, but it’s actually very tasty. Here is an easy recipe:

1 pound rhubarb stalks, diced
1/4 cup cheap red wine
1 ounce red wine vinegar
1/2 cup brown sugar
Zest of 1 small orange, peeled in wide strips
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

In a saucepan, combine rhubarb with wine, vinegar, sugar, and orange zest and bring to a boil.

Remove the pan from heat and let set for 30 minutes. Cover and simmer over low heat, stirring often, until the rhubarb is tender (approx. 5 minutes). Discard the orange zest.

Transfer to a blender or food processor and puree. Season with salt and cayenne. Keep chilled in refrigerator.

Son, you need this link.

Share and enjoy! :smiley:

Straight rhubarb pie is good too.

Rhubarb Pie

5 cups thinnly sliced rhubarb(550 grams)

Rubarb Pie doesn’t come much straighter than that

Ok, that didn’t go so well.

1-2/3 cups white sugar(325 grams)
7-1/2 tablespoons flour(65 grams)
1 ounce butter(30 grams)

Sift together the sugar and flour. Place about one quarter of it in the bottom of an unbaked pie crust. Place the rhubarb on top of this, and sift ofver it the remainder of the flour and sugar. Dot with the butter, place a top crust over all and seal. Brush with an egg wash and sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 350 degrees Farenheit(175 degrees Celsius) for about 50 minutes, or until a rich golden brown.

Wow. I’m stunned. Rhubarb wine? Sign me up!

And the ketchup recipe looks…intriguing. Do you think I could make deep-fried rhubarb french fries to go with it?

Won’t someone think of the National Rhubarb Forests?
(I feel your pain and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Rhubarb…it just looks yucky.)

Never eaten Rhubarb?

Surely you jest!

A good rhubarb pie, sweetened correctly, will change your mind after the first bite. And I am sure it is not the first yucky looking thing you have tried, and later developed a taste for!

Wish I had some rhubarb…but the Nevada Desert Rhubarb Farm went belly up 300 droughts ago.

Mmm. Rhubarb. Had my first strawberry rhubarb pie courtesy of my… let’s see if I can remember this right. My aunt’s fiancee’s cousin’s mother.

Good stuff, that. Liked it ever since… now I have the hankering to try and christen my oven with a pie, especially since it’s strawberry season here.

Owned by the Queen. You’ll get sent to the tower for so much as looking at it and salivating.

The thread title said “Attack of the rhubarb”. So Treviathan is eating it in self-defense.

That rhubard needed killin’.

Trader had some dried rhubarb for sale a while back. Dried like the sugary dried pineapple, it was pretty good actually.

My next door neighbor used to sneak into our other neighbor’s garden to steal the rhubarb. She ate it plain! So very, very sour.

My Grandma made great canned rhubarb pickles. Unfortnately by the time anybody got around to asking her exactly how she did it she was pretty senile. Her answer was always, “Well, you cut some Rhubarb, then you pickle it”.