Attempt to assassinate Obama foiled.


Yes, I’m pitting the fact that someone was fucked up enough to consider it, not that it was foiled.

Here’s a hearty piss off and die to racist assholes everywhere.

A POTUS or major-party presidential candidate is always a target for assassination regardless of politics, popularity or race. More Pitworthy here is that these dudes intended to make Obama the last hit in an African-American-killing spree. Good thing they were caught before firing the first shot or decapitating (!) the first victim.

I’m not so sure this really counts as an attempt to assassinate Obama. According to that story, they didn’t seem to actually have a plan of any sort.

Likewise the killing spree didn’t seem entirely well thought-out, but at least they had a sort of idea on that one. Out of interest, I know why 88 is an important number for such types, but why 14?

I suppose, because of the Fourteen Words.

What first pisses me off about their plan is that they planned to find victims at a school.


Ha. In a country of 300 million you don’t think that there are several thousand people (at a minimum) actively plotting the deaths of every elected official in Washington? Think again.

Well, ya gotta hunt where the ducks are.

What’s this make now? 5 attempts against Obama that have resulted in arrests? I know they’re trying to keep it a low-profile matter, so as to reduce the number of half-wits out there getting the idea that this is something they should do.

There was never any doubt of that part. And unfortunately there are some conspirators who are intelligent and resourceful enough that they’ll be a viable threat. I’m afraid that we’ll be having a state funeral before the end of his term.

Remind me again of how enlightened our modern society is?

Racists make the baby Jesus cry.

I suspect that Hitler himself would have thought these guys were retards.

Enlightenment is relative. It wasn’t all that long ago that we wouldn’t bother arresting folks who did this sort of thing.

I don’t know about that. The SS guys aren’t exactly stupid, and they’ve been working hard at protecting Bush from terrorists for a number of years now, so its not like having the threat level against a President has suddenly shot up.
They’ve got a lot of high tech gear with which to protect Obama (remember, they’ve been covering his ass since shortly after he announced he was running, which, IIRC, is the first time they did so before a candidate had come close to clinching the nomination), and the fuckwits trying to take him out will be armed with little more than hunting rifles.

Maybe they thought they’d kill people their own age.

Props to secret service, but they have to win every time. The fuckwits only have to get lucky once.

I do think the number of threats will escalate simply because there’s an “uppity black man” in office. A lot of people aren’t going to like that and a lot of them are very well armed and resourceful.

I seriously doubt that Obama will be in greater danger in the US than Bush was in Iraq (where he’s been a couple of times). I’d be surprised if the SS guys weren’t being trained in the same kind of things that the soldiers going off to Iraq are being trained in. To get him, the nutters are either going to have to get very lucky, or come up with something that nobody’s seen yet. Given that your typical bigot tends not to be the sharpest crayon in the box, I wouldn’t be betting on Obama not living to see the end of his first term.

“Cowert”, hm? Makes one believe in the etymology of surnames.
Do you have any idea how sad it makes me that my first post is not only in the pit, but about these two sorry-assed individuals? It’s hard enough being a blue person in a red state.

My 80 year old mother is a life-long Dem, and she’s not voting for Obama this year. Not because she is a bigot, but because she is afraid “some of McCain’s people will kill him”. I almost had her ready to go vote. I almost had her convinced that Obama is going into this election as a soldier going into battle, except with much better odds of survival. I almost had her convinced that the Secret Service had managed to keep George W’s butt alive for eight years, so they were primed and ready to handle the anti-Obama nuts. Well, game over.

I wonder how many other potential voters feel this way? She gave him the greatest compliment she could give any human being. She says he reminds her of my dad. She can’t bear to watch him die young, as he did.

It’s cold comfort to me that these two criminal masterminds apparently could not arrange a piss-up in a brewery. I just hope the Secret Service guys are as sharp as I promised and the FBI stay on top of it as well.

These guys sucked at assassination, and they had terrible fashion sense.

Y’know, the racists have an ideology of Racial Holy War. They think that at some point, there will be a war between the violent black people and the violent white people.

It seems that if they were serious about instigating RaHoWa, they’d go find themselves some violent black people to attack. Black Iraq War veterans, say, or black members of organized crime syndicates. Fight the enemy’s soldiers, so to speak.

Going after black six year olds? Dude, that’s weak.


[sub]NOT advocating killing black veterans[/sub]

Would you be less pissed if they started at a delicatessen? :dubious::stuck_out_tongue: