Attending black tie wedding - what to drink?

I’m going to a wedding in NYC in a few weeks that’s black tie. What kind of sophisticated cocktails should I order to go with my attire? My normal bar drink is beer, but it seems rather uncouth to drink beer while wearing a tux. I’m not a fan of martinis. I normally drink scotch or other whiskeys, neat or with a few drops of water, but with a bar available I’d like to try some drinks I wouldn’t normally have.


My formal drink of choice is an Old Fashion.

They are delicious and almost entirely booze.

Try a “Brandy Old Fashion - Sweet” I doubt you’ll regret it.

You can have it made with Scotch, Rum, or (bourbon) Whiskey; but I like brandy best.

Spoken like a true Cheesehead! Don’t forget the olives!

Or cherries if you’re one of THOSE people.

It’s in NYC – drink Manhattans!

Beer with black tie is only really unacceptable if you’re drinking it straight from the can.

Have a stinger, straight up, in a snifter (brandy and creme de menthe).

Agreed. If it’s truly a black tie (implying a formal event) they’ll pour it into a proper glass for you and you can drink from that. Still try the suggestions above, but don’t be intimidated from drinking beer.

Guinness. It’s colour co-ordinated.

I like a sidecar, myself. Or a gimlet.

Ditto on the Manhattan - it’s my favourite whiskey-based cocktail. If you’re not a fan of vermouth, though, an Old Fashioned would do the trick since it’s essentially the same thing minus vermouth.

If you’d prefer something on the fizzy side, you could also try a Whiskey Fizz.

Don’t be a poser. Drink whatever you normally drink. If someone judges you by what over-priced hooch you consume, you don’t want to know that person anyway.

Anything served in a rocks glass (with or without ice) will “look” the part of appropriate sophistication while wearing a tux, so if they’re pouring something you’ve always wanted to try, like a decent Scotch, MacAllan 12 or 18, for instance, give it a while. (Do not order good Scotch on the rocks or with soda, though.)