What Drink Should I Order?

I have a problem…I need to find a new drink to order when I am at business functions.

I don’t like wine. Never have. Don’t like the taste. I’ve tried different kinds and I just don’t like it. Blech.

I like beer but beer is just not really a classy thing to order at a sophisticated meeting with potential clients where they are ordering wine or mixed drinks. Especially since I like it icy cold and in the bottle…don’t bring me a glass…I want it straight from the bottle. Very unclassy. I’m such a guy at heart.

For the time being I have stuck with Sky vodka, a splash of water and a twist of lime. But I can only knock back a few of these and still make sense.

So what are your favorite drinks? What’s in them? Why do you like them?

i’m surprised you have a problem with bottled beer - over here (UK) its a perfectly respectable drink to order in the presence of business associates.

What about the various spirit + mixer variations? Do none of those take your fancy?

if you are after something that won’t get you dancing on the table after 2 glasses then you are probably looking at something like Archers + lemonade (bleugh :slight_smile: )

I wouldn’t say ordering beer is bad here but, in general, the comments I hear from ladies when they do is “I know…I’m a redneck” or “I’m just not classy…forgive me.”

If I’m at a casual gathering I order beer and drink from the bottle and to hell with what they think! :wink:

But if I’m at a very nice restaurant I would like a different option since I don’t like wine.

I like all kinds of mixed drinks. But I’m just in the mood for something different I guess.

I can handle my alcohol and I never dance on tables (okay…there was this time in college…) but if I am with business people I prefer to keep my image professional and not give them gossip for the office the next day about my behavior so I try to keep it in moderation and not get toasted.

ahhh the classy restaurant problem :slight_smile:

you may have to face the reality and avoid alcohol :eek:

its always worth a glance (i’ve found) at what beers they have on offer - if they have anything out of the ordinary then you can normally get away with trying them - its a bit more classy than just asking for “a bottle of bud” or whatever the hell you guys commonly drink.

I know…I know…hubby asks me all the time why I just don’t get a coke like he would. He doesn’t drink at all.

Good guess. Budweiser is my beer of choice.

I’m not much of a sweet mixed drink kinda guy, but bourbon and Coke, or bourbon and 7-Up can look a little less conspicuous than a bottle o’ Bud. Aslo Tanqueray and 7-Up isn’t bad for a gin drink.

I don’t know how you feel about soda pop based mixed drinks, but I think they go OK with food.

Rum and Coke is a personal favorite.

You could do a gin ‘n’ tonic.

A whiskey and water (or bourbon or something). My dad does bourbon and ginger ale.

TV isn’t lying to me then :slight_smile:

why not stick something in the coke? Jack Daniels? Whisky? Vodka? Rum?

hell, why not stick them all in!

Either that or just order EVERYONE a round of flaming sambukas. :slight_smile:

Or a “just plain whiskey.” I personally would order a good brandy and sip at it.

'Course, I like to enjoy me some drinks when I’m out at a nice dinner. A beer, a glass of wine and brandy all sitting in front of me at the same time.

All about it!

I’d say, learn to like drinking the beer from a glass. The beer itself isn’t tacky, just the drinking from the bottle.

I like Cosmopolitans. They are a little strong but here is the key - it comes in a martini glass so the rule is, when it gets hard to drink without spilling, you cut yourself off. :wink:

It’s got vodka lime and triple sec and cranberry. Kind of like a cranberry kamikazee.

Why is drinking fro a bottle tacky? I mean, I have always heard that but why is it exactly?

Southern Comfort on the Rocks. Or, if you prefer some vitamines with your hooch, SoCo & OJ with lots nad lots of ice.


I don’t know, Budweiser in a bottle just looks trashy if you’re at a nice function. Any other time, drink it however you want. You’re asking for advice on what to drink and you said you like beer, so that’s my advice.

My favorte mixed drinks are an Old Fashioned, a Screwdriver, and a Tequila Sunrise. You might have to experiment some to find your preference.

Of course, being in the South as I am, you might try a Mint Julep sometime. Ah Do Declayre…

I don’t think drinking beer from the bottle is tacky, but I admittedly naturally associate it with being at bars or parties, not in restaurants.

You should you’re game for mixed drinks…well, I tend to drink sweeter things like Midori sours (melon flavor), Malibu Bay Breeze (coconut rum, cranberry and pineapple juice), and sometimes an Amaretto sour (tho I don’t really know how to explain the flavor of that). Lately I’ve been drinking vanilla vodka with Coke, and sometimes a splash of Grenadine in that is good too. Oh and I just tried a drink of vanilla vodka and ginger ale, that was tasty.

I like vodka and orange juice, or a singapore sling with gin…that’s neat looking and tasty with grenadine. Or grenadine in the vodka orange juice if they use real orange juice…otherwise it will be too sweet.

Then there’s paralyzers with milk, kahlua, vodka…and a dash of coke…mmm tasy!!

Then there’s Dr. Pepper which is BEER and Amaretto…ask for the drink and not the shooter. It tastes like Dr. pepper.

I like fuzzy navels too…peach schnappes and orange juice, very good!!

Waht do you like creamy, sweet, sour?

Martinis are always nice. You can get a Kettle One Martini, a Bombay Sapphire Martini, a martini with half of each. If you’re feeling really frou frou, there’s always the flavored martinis but it may make you appear less manly that you’d prefer.

I’m partial to amaretto sours, but it can be pretty sweet.

Then there’s the old non-alcoholic standby, cranberry juice w/ seltzer.

Bailey’s on the Rocks is, in my opinion (natch!) a very classy drink. And it tastes great!
Or you can try this one (the name’s not too classy, but so it goes):
Jamaican Ten Speed
~2/3 Vodka, Malibu, Midori
~1/3 Cream
Once again, as a drink, not a shot. This seems to be an Arizona invention, they’d never heard of it in bars I visited in rural Iowa, or San Diego.

I’m a big wine drinker, but also love Long Island Iced Teas. (However, some men find these to be slightly more on the feminine side…)

A more masculine drink might be Maker’s Mark & Coke or
Jack (Daniels) & Coke.