Attention Guys: What lipstick color turns you on?

Do you like your SO’s lips natural or with color?
Which turns you on?

Light Pink
Bright Pink
Dark Red
Bright Red
Other (please specify)

I like lots of the colors mentioned, but most sexy has gotta be Dark Red.

Pretty instinctive - I am fairly certain that women began using lipstick to replicate: a) the more red colored lips of younger women; and b) the rush of blood to lips caused by being turned on (like blush, too). Since these biological factors increase redness, it stands to reason that a male would respond in a sexual manner to a stronger red color.

Go ahead - shoot the hell out of this, but that is my thinking about it…

I prefer no lipstick. Make-up should highlight what’s already there; not try to create what is not. All of those unnatural colors don’t do anything for me. As a young boy I went crazy for cherry lip gloss though.

Like a belt with the shoes, anything that compliments the nipples.

Whatever color Ashley Judd happens to be wearing when she appears on the screen.

According to Desmond Morris, you’ve got it just about right, Wordman. The colored lips on the face also replicate another set of lips that become flushed and deeper in color during arousal.


(I’m a guy) Lipstick is kind of gross, I don’t want to kiss a girl that’s gonna leave her stuff on my mouth.

But as far as sexy goes, I’d have to say any color that brightens the lips, or a gloss (for the shine).

leiu is on the mark, though I’d never really niticed it before. I prefer no lipstick, though I’ve never dated a girl with colorless lips :slight_smile:

none… and as little other makeup as possible. Thankfully GonzoGal doesn’t wear any makeup at all.

Any color, as long as it leaves a mark in the right place, if you know what I mean. :wink:

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

To me, pink screams “slut”. That could be either good or bad though.

Another vote for “none at all.”

Lipstick is gross.

If it is worn, it needs to be a dark shade or red. Toast of NY or blackberry are nice. It also needs to match the nail color. No other makeup, other than light eyeliner and light mascara, should be worn. But in truth, I would rather just have a nice natural face with no makeup at all.

If you think about it, he does have a point.

A shade of glossy darker red is nice. Orange and other unnatural colours are scary.

A shade of glossy darker red is nice. Orange and other unnatural colours are scary.

As close to the natural lip color as possible.

When I was younger, like Rug Burn, I was all about the girls with the cherry lips…

I am a female and I say never ask for general advice from men about clothes or make-up unless they are gay.

I prefer to call the shade I like “Siren,” “Tart,” or “Vixen.” Blood Red. That’s all you need. WordMan, that’s all I respond to. Artificial Biological clues to a woman’s fertility. And that’s the way I like it.