Attention Mac users, pple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism.

Yep. It’s true!

Fellow dopers…I have to confess, I use a Mac. I use a Mac not only at work, but at home. My wife uses a Mac. We drink the kool-aid, mm’kay?

What kind of repentence and acts of contrition must I begin to win favor with the Lord?

Will MS Windows provide the healing that I seek? (snicker)
Dr. (snicker) Richard Paley: kiss my iAss.

BTW, this same dude is sponsoring a campaign to get the Landover Baptist website removed from the net.

Fuck, now the type of computer I use will determine whether I get into heaven or not? Salvation is getting more and more complicated every day.

mmmm… lickable buttons…
That has to be the funniest website I’ve ever seen. But then I use a Mac…

I went searching for “Fellowship University” on Google and could find no mention of it.

Either the whole thing’s a piss-take, apparently perpetrated by the Landover people themselves, or…

But…But…But everyone knows Bill Gates is the Antichrist! If Macs are really a tool of the Godless Darwinian Secular Humanist Communistic Conspiracy, then what are the Godly supposed to use? Abaci?

I dunno…the more I look at this thing the more I think I have been whooshed…

For example, the Creation Science Fair is just a wee bit over the top… This site is a parody, right?

Of course they do sell shit… and they seem pretty earnest and serious about their creationist doctrine.

Is this a “legit” site or a parody site?

[celestina scratching her head]

Is this article some kind of joke? I don’t understand. :confused: How can using a certain brand of computer make one deviate from one’s Christian–if that’s the religion one claims for him/herself–beliefs? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I don’t care if you call it “Darwin,” or if there’s a peach with a bite taken out of it. It’s a machine. You plug the cord thingy in the computer and the other part of the cord thingy into an electrical outlet, push the “On” button, watch for the green light, and start typing. How can this be equated with religious beliefs of any kind? And since PC’s Windows stuff have pirated the Mac format of using icons and stuff on the desktop, rather than the DOS stuff they were using, where do they fall in Dr. Paley’s anti-Christian conspiracy?

I tell you. I am really beginning to wonder about some of these Christian types who are on a mission to “save” folks from any semblance of critical thinking. Just what the hell is being taught in Sunday school or in church for that matter?

Proof that Linux is the OS that Jesus uses.

Satire. Brilliant satire.

As I write this on my devilish iMac, I am of two minds.

My first instinct is to think that we’ve all been whooshed. On the other hand, the other pages you cite do display a lot of sincerity. So, it’s hard to say.

A few years ago, I attended a convention hosted by my (then) church. (I’ve since changed congregations.) It had a lot of fun crackpot theorists, “Lone Gunmen” types. Which was fine (and amusing). But some of them were TOO serious. One guy had seminar, where he pointed to just about everything (the US Dollar, countless other things) and he said that there was an underlying symbolism behind them that were SATANIC. He kept on repeating “This is SATANIC - that is SATANIC” and on and on. And he was serious.

So, you never know… Some people are REALLY serious about this sort of thing. I’m sure the “SATANIC” guy would have eventually gotten around to explaining why Apple Computers were SATANIC, had I hung around long enough to listen.

I saw this on another site and I’m 99% sure it’s a joke. If it isn’t, I don’t even know what to say.

I gotta say, the article on Game Theory and Christian Apologetics on the same site is quite interesting.

The graphics and layouts look suspiciously like the work of Landover, the Masters of Whooooosh.

I keep changing my mind…if it’s a joke…they also have their web hosting provider (which seems to be legit) fooled…

I think they slipped it by, beagledave. I think it’s a joke – the Creation Science Fair stuff is a little over the top (women “intelligently designed” to be homemakers?). Also, people that are that wacky typically don’t have that slick of a webpage design!

I think its legit. As a Mac OS X user (and, sadly, a Windows XP user), I think this is quite a funny website.


Also: no typos=not really fanatics

The National Association of Game Theoreticians is undoubtedly legit though…

CHRISTIAN game theoreticians that is…

I dunno, sounds like the ol’ “Barefoot and Pregnant” to me.

Hmm. I dunno. They seem to really truly hate the Landover people-- check out their “shut down Landover site” section. This site seems ridiculous but legit.
Oh boy! scroll down for Habu the elephant!