Attention Naysayers! Attack of Clones Reviews In!!

Well, I read the scriptment a long time ago and the script a little while ago. My feeling was that this movie would be excellent. Looks like I’m right.

Many reviews are spoiling in as the first public screenings(aside from Harry Knowles) are now beginning.

Overall, the reviews are positive. Unlike Phantom Menace, AOTC is a Star Wars movie through and through. Here are some links, most with no spoilers. Those with spoilers tell you before the review begins.

Compare this guy’s Phantom Menace review(first on the web) with his Attack of the Clones review. He disliked Phantom Menace but loved AOTC.

I know some people who went to last night screening. Reactions were varried from ‘Great’ to ‘I wish I could have walked out’

However all did agree that the dialogue during the ‘romantic’ section was bad and the fx were great.
But none of this matters. If you love the movie then it is a great film. You don’t need the approval of others to like a movie.