I just saw Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Well, I saw it today (this morning actually) Saturday.


Well I can truthfully say it’s better than Episode I. I’ll also say you’ll have a new respect for Yoda. He kicks donkey.

However, many of the scenes I thought were too long, and seemed to only serve the purpose of making sure there’s a good long chase for video games and product toys. Often I thought, just get to the end of this scene and get on with it…don’t make such minor things major events in the story. C3PO was ONLY in the movie for comedy side kick (as usual), but it was so over the top this time I just wanted to eat my shoe everytime he was on screen. Could he become as annyoning as Jar-Jar??

Unfortunately, Jar-jar Binks does show up, and has more screen time than he should.

Also, if there weren’t enough different aliens in the last film, this one will push it even more. Strange creatures from every corner of the universe were represented. It looked more like a petting zoo than a “replublic”.

I do have 2 minor complaints

(1) The first half didn’t match up with the second half. Once the war kicks in, or is even thinking of kicking in, then all the events of the first half were forgotten. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but as I said above, the movie played the first half as IF it were key to the plot and story. But everything in the first half was quickly forgotten just over an hour into the film.

(2) The “love story”. Star Wars 90201 didn’t work enough…and since it had to be spliced in with so many other political and war plot twists, it was never given the time to make me believe anyone had fallen in “love”. Plus, Portman’s character, Padme, is such an angel, and Anakin has so many issues…it just didn’t seem like any “match” that made sense. He is filled with hatred inside and she desires peace among all the planets in the universe. Uhm, I didn’t buy it.

Maybe the Jedi have a “sabre” trick in bed that can’t be resisted. Star Wars sex? Hmmmm…use the force Anakin, use the force.

Anyway, it was a well attended screening. First off, LucasFilm, and Industrial Light and Magic are based in the area I live in (Northern California…bay area). And the screening was for them, which made it interesting since they APPLAUDED everytime a name or event came up that they recognized.

Digital effects crew

Animation designers and layout

Storyboard artists

best key grip and food catering

You get the idea. It was neat watching the movie with the very people who created it. Very few people got up until the LAST credit was read. And again…you got it…more applause.

George himself wasn’t there, but many “suits” were present. A few in very formal dress. I’d say the theater (which is big) had about 300 - 400 people present.

As for the computer effects…well, it’s Star Wars, what more do you want? Some scenes were completely computer generated. Many of the mass production factory scenes are cool to look at, but almost overwhelming. Plus, the lighting seemed a bit “soft” focus. Well, these are just my observations.

In all, it’s just as Lucas said he wanted. A light hearted, more pulp based, campy ride of a film. It never gets bloody serious, and for a war…I didn’t see ONE drop of blood hit the ground. (Well, there were a TON of machines fighting) Even when a “human” is shot/killed, there’s no blood, or anything. Chop off someone’s head, arm, leg, split them in half, it doesn’t matter. At the very end we get a spot of blood here, or there…and as you’ve seen in the hundreds of commercials advertised, Natalie Portman gets her back scratched…but besides that, and a few other small scratches, here and there, it’s family entertainment, so i guess blood isn’t needed.

Well, there you have it. My sneak peek preview. Damn, I still haven’t seen Spider-Man!