Did anyone else think the new Star Wars STANK

I went to see star wars expectng better than the last one. Unfortunately for me i’m not an actions movie sort of guy ( i"m not a movie sort of guy at all), for me the first half of the movie was painfull! The second half was all explosions and cool special effects. I was a little disappointed. Just wondering if I am a lone voice in the mob.

yeah, it’s just you.

I didn’t like it, but only because George Lucus wrote and directed. It would have been great if he had hired a competant screenplay writer.

What the fuck do you people want? Gone With the Fucking Wind, set in a galaxy far, far away?

Christ, sometimes I really despise the Internet.

The “romance” dialog was really bad, but the rest was so good that it didn’t really matter.

my big gripes:

  1. the afforementioned hackdom of Lucas as a director and particularly as a writer.

  2. the jokes were soooo dumb, not even good dumb, just awful.
    thank you very much for giving C-3P0 all those head jokes. ugh…

  3. The CGI was just too damn busy. I stil l can;t figure outwhy he insisted on making the Clone Troopers CGI during the up close scenes. Doe anyone think that looks better that it would have looked to just use guys wearing vacuform plastic body armor like the original trilogy? where was the need for cgi? The yoda fight was too brief, and hugely overrated. None of the fights held a candle to the Maul/Jin/Kenobi smackdown in Ep 1, (which was, sadly the only good thing about Ep 1).

  4. I realize he is trying to parrallel the rise of the roman empire, but jesus h flamin’ christ, I read about Cesear’s rise in 6th grade and it made more sense to me that the overly complicated meanderings and machinations of palpatine. And before I get attacked… its not that I didn’t understood it, its just, well… certainly there has to have been a slightly more linear way for us to create the universe of the middle trilogy.

I would give him some credit for the complexity, if it meant that there was a really stunning narrative continuity betweeen the originals and the prequels, but as its oft pointed out around here, the continuity is largely for shit. So it then seems unforgiveable to make the damn clone war so complicated and political and removed from the mythic, clean, good vs evil motif of the original trilogy, AND to neglect the continuity so abominably.

I know the originals were dumb too, but they were fun and unpretensiously dumb, the prequels have thus far been calulated, cynical, and ridiculously, astonishingly pretensious and self important. Having the preview for the matrix trailer run beforethem only pointed out this contrast. The Matrix was what star wars was 20 some years earlier, a fun clever, good versus evil story with neat special effects that work in service of a reasonably compelling and cleanly told narrative.

Lucas has become the Van Halen to the wachoski (sp?) brothers Nirvana.

sorry i ahd to get it out… carry on :smiley:

Well, what I was hoping for was an entertaining movie that was well-directed, well-written, and well-acted. It didn’t have to be the greatest movie of all time; just a well-made adventure flick would have been good enough.

Instead, I saw a crappy movie with amateurish direction, bad acting, and a disjointed, terribly written script. It was boring, cliched, and uninteresting.

I don’t think it’s the slightest bit unreasonable to ask that a movie be reasonable well written and directed, and have dialogue that DOESN’T make seven-year-olds howl in derision at its stupidity. I would expect that of any movie, “Star Wars” or not. Episode II wasn’t a good movie; it was bad. It wasn’t just disappointing because it was a Star Wars movie, it was a bad movie, period.

Gosh, what an original idea for a thread. Bash a movie you’re not inclined to enjoy anyway.


Obviously, “well-written and directed” is very, very subjective. Even more obviously, Lucas succeeded in hitting his target audience. If you didn’t like it… well… sorry. I consider it a great film. I’m sorry that you can’t see it that way.

Beware, folks, you have invoked the ire of Star Wars fans.

Note: I like Star Wars, so I am inclined to enjoy this type of film “anyway.” Actually, I loved the first two (original) films–read the books, all that. ROTJ was kooky, but digestible. But…Menace was atrocious–seriously, one of the worst movies I’ve paid money for in the last few years.

I went in to AOTC expecting it to be the same. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as Menace. But it was, all in all, a pretty mediocre film. I for one need decent writing and dialogue to enjoy the film, and this caused serious interference with my enjoyment of AOTC. Big disappointment.

But I’m still holding out hope for Episode III. Perhaps we will have the same fortune as “Empire,” where Lucas neither directed nor wrote (save for the story–not the dialogue) the film.

people love to hate things… I know people are already all excited to go see the third one the minute it opens just so they can be all cool and angsty and hate things. its so cool these days to hate things that are popular. it shows how diffrent you can be… by acting just like everyone else! it makes you L33t

Besides having a little too much CGI… I quite enjoyed it!!! Much better than Phantom Menace.
I hate over-critiqueing of movies!!! you didn’t like the acting? then you try out for the next one. Try to enjoy it for what it was… its called entertainment!!! You’re not supposed to overthink entertainment… defeats the purpose!!!

Ah yes, the same old defenses:“People love to hate things”, “You weren’t planning on liking it anyway”, “What do you expect, Citizen Kane?”

Well none of these applied to me going in–I thought Phantom was thoroughly painful so I think I had reasonably low expectations of a film I actually hoped would be better and wanted to like going into Ep.2.

Well, I have to say it was a bad film by even the most generous standards. I’m not anti-SW, I don’t resent Lucas’ success, and I don’t think it’s a denigration of a “priceless childhood nostalgia” (as some fanboys I know refer to it). But the movie is simply not well-made.

The dialogue is absolutely atrocious and the acting–asides from Lee–is terrible or at least uninspired (through no fault of the actors). Now, if you’re going to start with these two negatives, you’d better have something pretty powerful to compensate. Instead, you’re inundated with endless strings of CGI–some of it very good, some of it very not–to the point that it’s exhausting and boring. Special effects are no longer special if you’re constantly reminding people of them, pulling them out of the movie instead of immersing them in. The plot is unconvincing, the motivations are not well-developed, and the pacing is awkward. In a single word, boring. Not painful, but exceptionally boring.

If anything, I think it’s a worse film because with Phantom, you could at least try to make excuses for Lucas–“He’s gaining his director’s legs again”, “He has to handle all that exposition”, “He doesn’t yet realize so much of it is overkill”. What Clones teaches us is that it is obvious he thought absolutely nothing was wrong with the first movie. Maybe a little less Jar-Jar, no twerpy kid as a lead, but asides from that, nothing has changed. I don’t think it would be so bad except that he is arguably the one director in America without complete, unlimited artistic control–he spends his own money (and there’s no end to that), he can cast whomever he wants, he has some of the most exceptionally talented technicians in the industry at his beck & call, and he has a slamdunk franchise that will make money no matter what (so there’s zero financial risk). And given all that, he produces something this tedious, cliche-ridden, and uninspired? If there’s one thing about the last two films that can be considered genuinely offensive, it’s that. Quite a shame.

Oops, I meant to put “with complete, unlimited artistic control.” Apologies.

I haven’t seen it. Ms. D took the 3 bratlets one afternnon when they had no school. The lovely bride said it was horrible - citing the acting and dialogue. Acknowledged the many phenomenal special effects. She’s a big fan of the original, and - I think - likes the 2d and 3d. To establish her fantasy/SF credentials, she is a faithful viewer of Buffy and every manifestation of Star Trek.

I’ll wait until we buy it - we have the previous 4.

The 3 kids - ages 10-14, unanimously proclaimed it “AWESOME.”

I don’t worship all things Star Wars but I thought it was a really good, entertaining movie. That’s all that I asked for.

My wife was completely underwhelmed. I thought it was okay – better than TPM, not as good as any of the original trilogy.

the three people i saw it with thought it sucked. i thought it sucked. basically everyone i’ve talked to face to face was pretty dissapointed in it.

Would the folks who loved the movie please quit assuming that the folks who didn’t like the movie were pre-disposed to hate it?

I grew up with the original trilogy and it was one of the biggest reasons I was inspired to study film. IN MY OPINION, these last two movies just didn’t cut the mustard (for all the reasons described above and then some). But that’s just me.

In all my creative classes, whenever we had to critique somebody’s work, the one thing we were never allowed to do was simply say, “I liked it, it was good” or “I didn’t like it. It sucked.” One had to provide reasons. The “thumbs down” contingency has provided ample intelligent reasons for why they didn’t like Attack of the Clones.

“Thumbs up” people - please remember that not liking this movie is not a judgement call against you personally. No one is suggesting that you be relocated to camps. You liked the movie? Great! I wish I could join you. Please stop putting words into people’s heads. You’re starting to argue like a particular group of Christian fundamentalists I know… the comparison is not a flattering one.

“Frankly, My Yoda, i don’t give a damn!!”