Attention white people: ITS BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Think.

For some reason, some white people forget the significance of February 1st more than they figure out it is April Fool’s Day after they realize news their dog died was a cruel prank:

A friggin’ MONKEY on a tee-shirt for a almost all black basketball team, ON the first (or second, does it matter) day of Black History Month? Of course, it took a black Sacramento Kings player to point out just how this might be POSSIBLY taken the wrong way, because Im sure no white player or staff member thought twice of it.

I know, I know, throughout middle America theres millions of racist white trash or old people screaming “FOR GODS SAKES, YOU cant say ANYTHING any more!!!”

Really? I don’t know, I cant believe in the entire tee-shirt decision making chain at the Sacramento Kings, not ONE white person didn’t think----gee, in a 90% black league, I wonder how putting a monkey on a tee shirt might be seen as offensive . . . . .and better yet, one even remembered the significance of February to black Americans.

In other words, theres a SLIGHT chance this was intentional, and some white person sub-conciously allowed these tee shirts to be printed. If not, then this demonstrates our ignorance of this month, and maybe its time for a little re-education and awareness for all of us white people on how we need to show a little more sensitivity towards other races and cultures.

This isn’t the first time this type of BHM “blunder” happened in sports:

No denial, no 6-figure costing pulling of the calendars by the franchise, worth over a billion dollars in market value by the way. The lily white Eagles front office just shrugged, and said, hey its not OUR problem a player that used the N word JUST HAPPENS to be the player featured in February. Its the CALENDAR MAKERS FAULT.

Lets see, theres 12 months in a year. Theres 53 players on a NFL roster. Therefore, about one out of 4 makes the calendar.

Lets assume Cooper was one of the top 12 players for the Eagles that year (something, as a sports fan, I dispute BTW).

12 players x 12 months = 144 various month/player combinations. AMAZINGLY, Riley Cooper gets paired with February.

Coincidence? Or some white smart-ass working for the calendar company, angry at all the controversy surrounding Riley Cooper and how he as a white man, is being told be cant use the N word, decided to sneak this in hoping no one will notice his underhanded insult.

And there fact that no white person in the entire calendar making chain noticed this?

Give me a break.

You’re right, BHM should be discontinued in order to put a stop to these kinds of debacles. Nobody needs a whole month anyway.

When is Math History Month? Before or after Confirmation Bias Month?

I’m sorry, I’m being insensitive. I’ll shut up until Month Mnemonic Month and ask again then.

We only have 25-1/4 days left the learn about the invention of peanut butter and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest.

All you white people, you all look the same to me.

February is also the first month of the Chinese Year of the Monkey. Just sayin’.

Why do the white people always get blamed? Isn’t there a black person somewhere along the line who had some input into this life-changing decision about some t-shirts? Is the entire t-shirt decision-making team white, and if so, why? And if not, then maybe black people don’t necessarily see a connection between black people and monkeys, as neither do I. Maybe they stopped at the connection between the Chinese Year of the Monkey.

NBA teams have been doing heavy marketing outreach to China for years, including novelty Chinese zodiac jerseys. Are they supposed to skip the year of the monkey, or just wait until February is over?

One thing I’d like to see is whether the Kings have been making these zodiac jerseys before. If this was their first one or they skip around then yeah, that could point to something. I can’t find anything either way.

I found this old video where they interview Kings players about what zodiac they are. I was hoping one would be a monkey for a potential awkward reaction, but alas, the only monkey was the white female anchor.

Thankfully in the UK we don’t have a black history month. (or at least not one that I’ve ever heard about)

Stupid, pointless and demeaning to all concerned.
Useful only as a backdrop to manufactured “outrages” like this shirt.

I roll my eyes and go back to living my life without bias or prejudice. I don’t find that too much of a challenge.

You’re the one who sees a monkey and thinks of black people.

And why isn’t there a white history month?

Every month is white history month, dear. Now run along and play.

same reason Mens Right’s Activists are a joke, of course.

Now don’t go off stabbing a seat about it…

Funniest things I’ll read all day.

In this day of hyper-Politically Correct bullying, I’d say it’s more than a little possible that anyone tempted to point out that the monkey on the t-shirt might be offensive was fearful him or herself of being accused of racism simply for having had the idea come to mind.

your only contribution to the thread, how daring.

I’m curious as to why you lumped my post in with those others?

what in particular is funny about it? Here it is again if you’ve forgotten.

Who cares about being daring? And if you’re so curious it’s really just the entire post.

Is there some way to make Black history Month and the Chinese Year of the Monkey have a fight over who gets to be more important this month?

Also, are there more black people or more chinese people on the planet? Perhaps they should all fight over who is most offended about something.

Ok, as a 62 yo while male, I’ll jump right out of that frying pan…

Point the First: Look, does anybody harbor any doubts that Black Americans (hell, Africans too, if you look at some of the racist insults to black soccer players in Europe) have been compared to monkeys in the past (and for that matter, in the present), as being ‘sub-human’ in a way? If you do doubt it, congratulations, you are a perfect reason there should be a Black History month.

Point the Second: The month was established because, until recently, most history books glossed over the history of Black America (outside of “they were slaves, then they were sharecroppers, then they moved to ghettos…”). The idea was to add the unique and often overlooked history of 15% of our population (whose arrived nearly as early as the first European settlers did) to our overall knowledge of the vast and complex American story. Was it, and has it, been overdone? Arguable, and like all good intentions, it is subject to critique. But the idea, to visit history that has been neglected, is not a bad one. IMHO.

Point the Third: While few of the fans might have made the connection, it should have occured to someone in the front office to at least consider it before going ahead. And I would note that according to the article, there was no big fuss or protest; one of the leading players mentioned that this could be…awkward…for the whole organization, the front office thought about it and determined he was correct, and took action.

Which, unless I missed the memo, is how things are supposed to work around here…

IMHO as always. YMMV.

Press on.

I’m usually first on the PC bandwagon, but this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The Kings are HUGE in China. Lunar New Year is huge in China. Celebrating it is an obvious thing to do.

It’s really all the black Chinese people that should be offended. Outrage.