'Attitude' music (hip-hop, rap etc..)

Everyone knows the only music with real attitude is punk and punk-related (ska, emo, skate). For example, No Equalizer, by Down By Law. Find me one pop song that’s half that intelligent. Find me one rap song with that level of intellect. And it isn’t overproduced, it isn’t pseudo-psychological crap (Simon and Garfunkel is only listenable in small doses, after all, and nobody wants to hear about paedophilia (Hands Clean), to give a modern example). N’(Lip)Synch and B. Slut are both about as intelligent as slime mold, and all of the rap I’ve heard is in the ‘Bitchez and Homez and Macz’ genre (example: Today Was a Good Day, Ice Cube) (possible exception: pseudo-intellectual Gangsta’s Paradise). Listenable (at times), but not very good.

Look guys, I hate things to get personal. I hate some kinds of music so fucking what! it’s not against you personaly. Why get offended? even if you absolutely love it and live it?

Let’s say (for argument’s sake) I like classical music. Now of someone came along and absolutely ripped into it, saying it was utter rat piss I wouldn’t care! I definately wouldn’t be offended because no-one is attacking me personaly!

Get over it.

Thank you, Derleth! My sentiments exactly. :slight_smile: Viva Emo!

Also, this is the pit! what the hell do you expect in here but strongly expressed opinions!

Lobley, did you read the responses to your very own thread?

Just in case you were wondering where it went.


lobley, for someone who laments the lack of originality in the world, this drum has been beaten a million times already on the SDMB (didn’t we just have this exact same thread, which went on for 4-5 pages, over in Cafe Society just a week ago?).

Also, I’m not sure what the distinction is between “attitude” and urban music. Could you please explain?

Why would you hate it more if it were white people making the “attitude” music?

Um, this is IMHO.:wally

MAN I so wish we still had smashie!

WHoops. Sorry guys I thought it was the Pit. Hence my attitude.

Look here. I may have used !s and strong words but I was trying to stop this getting out of control by saying my rant is nothing personal.

And I called it ‘attitude’ music because I did not know the name of the particular type I do not like. And with good reason, why should I know a lot about something I don’t like?
Now weither you (guys) mean to or not I will not be provoked this time.

because then there’d be another eminem, and I can’t stand eminem with his stupid gay whiny voice. At least black people have the correct voices for it. White people don’t so it would be even worse.


Sorry guys. I just get sooooo bored looking for something interesting in SDMB and thinking of something interesting to post myself that I end up settling for dumb things that come into my head like how I don’t like rap/punk/hip-hop/whatever music.

Truth is I am at work and we have to look after a system. That means we do nothing for hours except use the internet or watch TV. The TV gets access to ONE Sky (UK satelite TV network) channel. On nights the guys in the room where the Sky is located choose a music channel. And this particular night they chose a channel heavily laden with the music I don’t like. This inspired me to post this ill-fated and ill-thought out thread.

Most of the music channels do have rubbish on. It is only occasionaly that they have something original, melodic, good-sounding and usually old, that makes me despise more the current saturation of basically crap music.
Finding nothing interesting in SDMB leaves me uninspired to be interesting myself. I get more and more testy (especially with the delays) and end up posting to get a reaction.

This is, quite frankly, one of the last things you ever want to say on this board.

And not that this wouldn’t be an interesting discussion if phrased differently, but when the OP tells us to “deal with it” then what sort of discussion do you expect to have?

In the words of the Onion: Your favorite band sucks. :wink:

I’ll ask you again. Please don’t get offended, but could you define “attitude” music? Is it music in which the artist raps thoughout? Do the Beastie Boys fall into this category? They have higher voices that eminem and I don’t find them “gay” or “whiny” (nor do I eminem’s voice for that matter). Is it music in which the artist’s topic is violence? Money? Women? Drugs? All of the above? Have you ever seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? I thought Jason Mewes did a great non-“gay whiny” job.

Cliff’s notes version: Lobley is “attitude” music defined by:

a. the style of the artist’s delivery (singing, rapping, etc.)
b. the topic of the artist
c. the artist’s race
d. any combination of the above
One last thing: Who defines who has the right voice of a style of music? I believe that music can sound good in different timbres (music majors/buffs, check me). I just saw a group of Northern girls do an excellent job with music by Alabama, a Southern male group. I once played Lennon’s “Yesterday” with a group of clarinets and (pat on the back) we were good.

Sorry, everyone, for the post under my name above. That was not by me. I think those of you who’ve gotten to know my posts over the years will recognize that it is not my style. If it looks like it was written by a 13 year old, that’s because

it was written by a 13 year old. :mad:

One of my kids (the 13 year old one) sat down at my computer when I left it unattended for a while. I didn’t even notice this post that went out under my name, until just now when I searched for my posts from the last week. Jeez, will I have to log off every time I get up from the computer from now on?

but, jomo, there i was thinking you were so fly!

geez, don’t diss ur kid jus’ cuz she likes 2 use stupid abbreviations, hun.