'Attitude' music (hip-hop, rap etc..)

This is an opinion as well as a rant so it fits here and in the pit. I made a choice. Deal with it.
Well I hate all the music which I will term ‘attitude’ music. I can’t understand what people see in it. Especially more hardcore stuff like so-solid-crew (UK).
And I know how people’s minds work so I have to say this - It has nothing to do with race. The music is crap whoever performs it. If I was blind and no-one ever told me the race of the performers I’d still hate it. If it was exclusively performed by white people I’d hate it (probably more so). If it were performed by naked Britney Spears clones I’d hate it (although I’d utilize the mute button rather than being forced to turn over!)

And I hate that on sky TV nearly all the music chanels either show this crap or adverts. With the occasional brilliant piece (usually from the 80s or 70s) that proves just how crap this music is.
Why is it so popular! It’s just people who look like they’re chewing a wasp or on antiprozac or about to kill you singing about guns and bitches.
And Eminem needs to die, quickly.

Well, believe it or not, some people who make these kinds of music have actually managed to throw some melody in there along with all those bad words, derogatory terms and violence. There are some rap songs out that are actually quite beautiful. This is the only reason i really listen to it. I almost always prefer the instrumental versions (if one exists) of rap songs i like. It’s also interesting to hear some people rap. There actually is a lot of talent involved in some cases. I just wish they would use some of that talent to talk about stuff other than their glocks and their bitches. There are a ton out there who do rap about other things but i consider their music to be hip hop, and i don’t think it should be grouped with ‘attitude music’
On the subject of Eminem, yeah he’s not very nice, but he has an amazing ability to rhyme.
I know these aren’t the reason most people listen to eminem or rap in general, but i just thought i’d give my two cents.

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Maybe its’ the lingo gap across the pond, but I haven’t a clue what you are talking about. “Attitude music?” Could you define that a little better. Are the Sex Pistols attitude? Ozzy? Ms. Spears has a bit of an attitude (or did you miss the strip show, I mean performance on the MTV video awards a year or two back). Sinatra would kick your behind if you were in his orchestra and played poorly.

Why is it so popular! It’s just people who look like they’re chewing a wasp…


Young man, take Elizabeth Hurley out of your mouth right now!


Tranquilizers? That won’t help attitude. :stuck_out_tongue:

:grumble, grumble:

For good rap may suggest The Fugees “The Score.” The language is a bit rough as are the issues, but its’ a solid CD with great style and humor. Their music is actually about where they live and their issues as opposed to the “I’ve got money and women” rap you might be thinking of.

I like rap because it comes straight from the gut. It’s instinctual music.

I thought I defined it pretty well! first in the brackets in the title. ANd then by describing the performer’s attitudes.

Musical taste is subjective. What you may like, I may find to be absolute crap and vice versa.

I like hip-hop. It doesn’t sound repetitive and tired like a lot of modern rock today. Some of it may not be very good but some of it is. I don’t like Enimem either but I won’t condemn the genre. Do you feel the same thing about Dr. Dre?

You mention 70s and 80s music. That would include Flock of Seagulls, Men at Work, the Peaches and Herb, and other stuff that really didn’t stand up to the test of time. but that is just my opinion.

After twenty-two years, hip-hop in general, is still making noise and controversy because of the lyrics and the music. All ther other genres have gone soft. Lob, you like your music soft, cuddly and non-confrontational, like the NSYNC. Nah, not me!! I want music that inspires revolutions, that shake down the walls of oppresive insritutions.

Or pretend like it does…

NSYNC?!!! you couldn’t be more wrong.
I like my music GOOD! I like music that inspires revolutions too. Not music that annoys. NSYNC annoys, Rap annoys Hip Hop annoys, R&B is just not very good (most of the time), most boy-bands annoy, manufactured bands annoy.
Rap,Hip-Hop etcc possibly used to be ‘revolution inspiring’ but now it’s just more of the same, and some more, and a bit more, and then some more.

It’s just another of the tiresome ‘types’ of music that has lost all originality and just repeats the same themes over and over again.

The whole fucking world has nearly lost it’s sense of originality and creativity.

Hmmm. So do all sorts of disgusting things.

Am i the only person here who knows there’s a difference between rap and hip hop?

No, you aren’t.

Actually, I’m a little confused. Radios have tuners for a reason. If you don’t like a particular type of music, don’t listen to it. I wish all problems had such simple solutions.

I wish people didn’t use the “If you don’t like it don’t listen to/watch it” answer because life is not that simple.

I dislike it because it is on instead of something good. I browse the music channels on Sky looking for something good. All I find is this shit.

If you don’t like posts where people complain. Don’t read them.

So we’re talking about life? Silly me, I thought we were talking something a lot more trivial.

I don’t know what Sky is, but are you required to listen to it? Are you paying for it? Surely Sky–whatever this piece of crap is–isn’t the only game in town. I think you should subscribe to Sky’s competitor Ground. Ground plays earthy songs with absolutely no attitude whatsoever.

Stop being so sensitive. I’ve said nothing about not liking whiny/complainy/ranty posts. I’m just confused about why anyone–in this day and age of audiogalaxy, BMG, Blockbusters, and custom-made internet radio stations–would feel bombarded with music they can’t stand. I don’t listen to radio because the commercials all suck and Top 40 dominates the airwaves. Because I don’t listen to it, I’m not bothered by it. It’s not a cure to all of life’s trials, of course, but it sure is a simple solution to an overall minor problem.

At least, IMHO.

Didn’t we do this about two seconds ago in Cafe Society?

If you don’t want people’s opinions on your posts, don’t post in In My Humble Opinion.

I’d like to thank you, lobley for giving me yet another opportunity to mention Big Boi and Dre Present. . . Outkast. I just loooove this CD.

and i’ll add outkast’s equally brilliant stankonia and their offshoot (them + others) the dungeon family.

hey, lobley.

please tell us what your favourite styles of music are, so we can then proceed to rip the shit out of them and tell you just how untalented and useless your favourite bands are.

no, sorry hun, if you have a problem w/ rap or hip hop, ect. then dont listen 2 tha radio smart one, just buy a cd or whatever. you dont need to be saying @#!% about what type of music is tight and what isn’t. you dissed almost all types of music, so tell us, what kind of music do YOU listen to? country? god forbid! i bet your a lil fruit and you need 2 shut the hell up and go somewhere because some people actually like our music and if you listened instead of tryin 2 diss mayb you wud 2.:mad:

If you are going to be that way then I’d be wasting my time replying in full.

Please tell you what my favourite music is? so you can rip the shit out of it?

Resolving to ‘rip the shit’ out of the music I like without knowing what it is proves that your shit-ripping will be irrelevant to the music and therefore completely void.
If you can’t cope with someone expressing their opposing opinion about something you like then don’t read any posts in SDMB!

I happen to think the majority (not all, that is) rap/hip-hop etc is utter crap. I am not going to change my opinion just because you guys don’t like it!