Will Rap music EVER go away?

Will Rap music EVER go away?

I hope not.

ugh…I hope so!

No, but either it’s evolving into something more listenable, or I’ve just OD’d on it from listining to my brother’s music of choice… I wonder if 3 years ago I could have said “the outkast? they’re pretty good” because now I can.

pity the human race, it’s not going to leave. but i’ve done my part to rid the world of it. yes, i threw stuff at d12, namely eminem.

now to figure out why they were at the warped tour.

Not bloody likely. Mass culture is moving so SLOWLY now. N’Sync and J-Lo alone have been popular for YEARS.

I remember when the styles changed every couple of months. Then again, I’m old.

Like the Spice Girls… they seemed to flash up and dissappear in a matter of months

I wish I felt the need to bash styles of music that I didn’t prefer to listen to.

You should accept that fact that there is always going to be music around that you don’t like. I hate country, but I’m not holding my breath that it will go away anytime soon. My mom detests folk music, but she got used to it.

Rap music has been around for over two decades…and much longer if you examine its roots in spoken-word poetry. I’ve been listening to it for as long as I can remember, and I really don’t think anyone can argue that rap music is in any way transient or comparable to 'NSYNC. Some of the current artists may not last, but rap will. If rock survived America, rap will survive Eminem.

-Sarah, who’s favorite musicians ever are Salt N Pepa, Run DMC, and Dr. Dre

Of course not. Rap will continue to evolve, and new art forms will continue to spring from it.

I can’t stand it, but I really don’t care if other people like it. As long as they don’t like it in my parking lot at earshattering volumes (that goes for any music, actually)

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It’s two against one, Ukulele Ike! Whaddya say to that?

It’s your choose to listen to rap. All it is is another art form deviated from a culture. If you can’t respect that, you’re a hypocrite.

Isn’t all music deviated from culture?

Just curious, why are threads constantly moved from one forum to another. I mean, does it REALLY matter?

I realize that there will ALWAYS be music examples that don’t agree with the palet of the masses. It just seems that rap is a little more nails-on-the-chaulkboard than most and I’m curious as to the mass appeal.

I guess I can answer my own question in that it probably won’t go away completely. Classical music has been around forever and is more popular than ever in certain circles but I’m sure there are those who cringe at the very thought.

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Sign of the apocalypse for rap:

I just saw Dr. Dre (whose The Chronic I am actually quite fond of even though I hate 99% of all other rap) in a commercial for COORS LIGHT.

I thought those rap guys only drank Cristal or Remy or Tanqueray.

I for one am not the biggest fan of rap music; however, this is some that I like. I would die a happy man if I never saw or heard about eminem again though.