Not the concept of music, but the current dungpile of shite they call ‘music’ today.

Mostly ‘hip-hop’. I don’t mind one or two - I can simply ignore it and wonder what others see in it. But there seems to be about 50 hip-hop videos. all exactly the same (in the sens that one screen of white-noise is the same as another) There’s very very little originality in most music these days. Some of it is ok. the new beyonce knowles (sp?) one has a cool tune to it (and beyonce herself gyrating - can’t complain about that)

But it’s not just hip-hop. UK ‘pop’ makes me want to cut my ears off and stick forks in my eyes. I have no respect for the human race if people like all this shite enough to make it appear on the music channels and to make it make money. It does not make me angry any more, it just makes me sad and depressed. Good music has this steaming pile of simon cowel, pete waterman horse SHIT to compete with. CRap that prays on some subconscious fuckup of the teenage/child human brain
It’s too depressing even to bother trying to be coherent in this thread.

And now sky repeats the same advert every single 10 minutes. It’s broken me. that and the music industry. I haven’t the energy to get pissed off. I just want to go and live in a tree.

But does the tree have Quadraphonic sound?

You’re just looking in the wrong place, Lobby. Go check out The Negro Problem for quality sound. And if that’s not your thing (not that I blame you), just remember… there’s a reason God created classic rock.

Don’t forget the electronic music, Don’t forget the electronic music, Don’t forget the electronic music, Don’t forget the electronic music, Don’t forget the electronic music, Don’t forget the electronic music, Don’t forget the electronic music, which seems to just loop between one line, occasionly adding some variance in the beat to make it slightly different. Ugh.

Check out Audioslave, if you’re looking for good rock.


Oh oh

Oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh

Oh ohhh…

Oh oh

Oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh

Oh ohhh…

Wipe that off my thread NCB! You coulda used a towel!




oh oh

oh ohh oh…

And that little bouncy dance she does while doing that refrain…

So’d’ja ever think you’d turn into your father at your age?

[sub]And yet I freely admit that the only stations programmed into our car radio are “classic rock” and “oldies” stations.[/sub]

Well, no prostate cancer here

Anyhow, I feel the same way, Lobsang.

No offense Lobsang but there is a lot of new good music out there. You just have to look a little harder than switching on Top of the Pops or MTV.

Oh and Aslan of Narnia, i’ll take good electronic music over rock any day!

Well, lemme tell ya…back in my day, we had REAL music! None 'a this bang, bang, bang. And you could understand most of the words! What’s with this “sampling”? Back in my day, people wrote their own songs! It’s because these new musicians have no TALENT! Every one of these consarned songs sounds the same to me.
Help! I’m 33 years old!:eek:

You’re kidding me, right?

Because if I wasn’t being whooshed, that would suggest that you hadn’t noticed that throughout the last 40 years, the vast bulk of pop music has always been crap.

It would also suggest that this point aside, that throughout this trend there has still always been a decent number of absolute jewels of pop tracks - well written, well produced and well performed.

Finally, it would make me wonder if you really can look around at a time when you have easier access to music from around the world, from the largest of labels to the most obscure of new artists, and still complain that you’re being forced to listen to stuff you don’t like?

I like Jewell


I don’t think Lobbie is complaining about how it’s impossible to find a variety of music. Rather, I thinks he’s ranting about the very poor musical taste of the masses who continue to lap up this crap, thereby creating more incentive to produce said crap.

But I may be wrong. It’s happend before …

Check out Joe Satriani and Steve Morse. Both still putting out great stuff.

But you don’t hear them on the radio.

Actually, I hear Satriani’s stuff all the time, but only as background music for sports and news programs.

“90% of everything is crap.” – Sturgeon’s Law

The 90% of rock music that is crap (OK, maybe 95%) is still enjoyed by people who love rock music. If they have any discernment at all, they also appreciate the 10% of hip-hop that’s any good (OK, maybe 5%). In its insatiable hunger for product, the market has determined that crap will dominate, and that makes it easy to dismiss entire genres as crap.

Remember, however, the second half of Sturgeon’s Law: “The rest is worth dying for.”

Maybe it’s the other way around, and the OP has bad taste.

There is no good or bad music, it’s completely, 100% subjective!

uh…no There’s plenty of bad music. It’s just hard to separate out the good stuff in a genre that’s really new and still expanding rapidly. There was a time when LedZep was eclipsed on the pop charts by crap-'o-the-day, long since forgotten.

I’d bet Mary J. Blige will still be respected down the road, great torch singers often are.

And re: electronica, personally I love Propellerhead’s DECKSANDDRUGSANDROCKANDROLL.

Lobsang, I would postulate that you and I care more about music than most people do. If you assume that I am awake about 18 hours a day, I usually have music playing in one form or another for around 16 of those hours. And it’s all good stuff. You just have to think for yourself and not take whatever is thrown at you by a bunch of billionaires who are all about the $$$.

What kind of music are you into? Perhaps the rest of us Dopers could suggest a few bands and CD’s that don’t suck.

You mean where a Carhart-wearing rapper is singing, leaning a bit, a thuggy look on his face, with a couple of guys at his side flashing gang signs every so often, and folks dancing in the background. Cut away to the folks dancing, and zoom in on a good, thick jiggly booty every so often.

Yeah, I’ve seen that video!

I don’t know if it’s just my age (37), or the music, but in the past five or six years I’m experiencing a disconnect with popular music. I can recognize a song as familiar, and recognize a band name, but I can’t connect the band name with the song. I know who Limp Bizkit, Korn and Linkin Park are, but if I heard a song by them, I wouldn’t know who performed it. I don’t really have that problem with pre-1995ish rock; I’d hear a song, and immediately associate it with a band.

I fear eventually turning into Dad, who doesn’t recognize band names or songs. “What’s that you’re listening to, that Iron Zeppelin or something?”