ATTN: Apartment managers and realtors (aka morons!)

Do you want my business, or what?

I am trying move. Trying being the operative word.

On Monday I called SIX places for rent. Had to leave messages at each and every one. Did I receive ANY call backs?

Hell no.

Not even an “I’m sorry, we rented that unit” or “I’m sorry, you do not fit the desired clientele” or a “Go the fuck away”. Nothing. What the hell?

Rental properties are a dime a dozen right now. Many places are vacant. You would THINK they would want people in their buildings. Foolish Miss.

Yesterday I called about three houses for sale. Granted, I am not a rich woman. While most homes are going for $160-180K in my desired area, I’m scrounging at $125K or less. So, not as much possible money for the realtor.

Again, no fuckin’ response from any of the realtors.

This is not the first time. This housing search has been an on/off thing for the past two years. For Pete’ sake—you SAY you can help me find a home so DO IT DAMMIT. Don’t pussyfoot. When I say I am willing to do some work on the house, don’t snicker. When I say I don’t WANT a condo, DON’T SHOW ME ONE. When I say I want to live in these areas, DON’T show me homes elsewhere. Is it that hard?

I just don’t get it. I talk to others who go on and on about WONDERFUL realtors. When I call I get bupkis.

Right now I am waiting for ANOTHER call back for a showing. crosses fingers

Farking iceholes! That is just really damned rude.


I’ve been trying to move for about a month now, which means I’ve looked at about 30-40 houses. I’ve called numerous realtors and landlords, and I’ve only had ONE answer their phones within normal business hours.

The last people I’m dealing with are the worst. I went in and looked at one of their houses, and applied for it. I asked the woman who took my application about how long it would take, seeing as how I’m on a time limit. “Oh, 2 days at the most. We’ll call you when we’ve checked everything out. I’ll be sure to let you know either way.” Well, it’s been 5 days now. I’ve tried calling a couple of times, but the people who are supposed to be handling my application apparently DON’T WORK THERE, because they haven’t been there once.

They finally called this morning and left a message asking me to call back. I called back at around 2, and told the woman who answered (she sounded like she’d just woken up from a nap) that someone had left a message asking me to call, and gave her my name. Her answer? “Ummm, hold on… umm, are you sure you have the right number?” Yes, I have the right number, I applied for a house, and was wondering how that was going. “Well… ummmm, can you call back… hold on… <2 minute pause> the people who do that aren’t here.” Can you tell them I called? “Uhh, ok. Who did you want to talk to again?”

The people who aren’t fucking there, you moron!!!

Cardboard boxes are looking better and better.

2 bedrooms = 1 bedroom plus a breezeway big enough for a bed. Of course if LittleMiss slept there, we would have to walk through her cough bedroom to use the back door

2 bathrooms = just off the bedroom there is a closet with a stool and sink. We could pee and wash our hands at the same time. The second bathroom consisted of a bathtub in a partitioned off area in the basement. The entrance to said bathroom was barely 2’ wide.

Family room in the basement = Well, once you got around the circa 1925 furnace monster at the bottom of the stairs, it kinda opened into a damp 12’ x 12’ area. With supporting posts in every logical place. And moldy ceiling tiles. And cement floor.

Shall I even start on how the “newly replaced roof” did NOT include shoring up of the beams? And that there was not ONE straight line or 90 degree corner in it?

ok, ok, YES the house was built in 1925 and some things are to be expected, but…

The kind gentleman that owned the house stated he and his wife raised FOUR kids in this house. HOW? WHERE?

Oh Well.

I made a bid on a different house yesterday. crosses fingers again It’s a cute little bugger–smaller than my apartment. But I like it.

OK. That was odd.
I added that post above, but the thread still showed only two responses.

What’s unreal is that they would forestall people calling if they had the right information on their respective Web sites or in their publications - somewhere. If they had sufficient info, I’d be much better able to pare down the list. Nope. They make it excruciatingly difficult for people to contact them, for some bizzare reason. And as you noted, MissTake, they seem to take their sweet old time getting back to you, too.

I went through a dog-and-pony show with a local realtor. First time I called, they said they had a vacancy they could show me - I made an appt., and after being kept waiting for 20 minutes, they said they didn’t have anything for me to look at. Thanks.

Later I applied and paid a $99 deposit. They kept promising me I could move in X date because the current occupants were leaving. Guess what, they weren’t. I wound up having to write them a long, not-too-nasty note to get my $99 back!