Attn: Dog Lovers! - Shelter Dogs, company makes customized stuffed animals

Shelter Pups

I love this so much! They make amazing likenesses from pictures you send them, and it benefits real shelters. I know what I’m asking for for Christmas!

I now know what I am getting my mom for Christmas (she has a cute black-and-white Shih Tzu).

They are going to do cats soon. I’d so love a Fred plushy to take to work. Please bump this thread when they have cats plushies up and running.

This makes me so happy! I’m glad to see they are doing very well. So well, in fact, it seems you can’t actually place an order, but you can get in the order queue. I don’t have the extra cash right now, but when I do, I am totally getting a stuffed Joe (my lab/border collie).

I volunteer a few hours a week at the local Humane Society, doing their web maintenance.

I just e-mailed this information about this site to the directors. Maybe they’ll suggest I help publicize this on our site.

Nice likenesses! All the samples they show are smooth-coated breeds. It’d be nice to see if they can do fluffies like my poodle mixes or my border collie.

I just put myself in the queue!

The guy in the queue before me is named Jimmy Shelterpants. What an unfortunate name…

I do have a question tho-I subsequently checked out all of the dogs and their corresponding dolls, but they all were short-haired breeds-do they make “shaggier” dolls for the more hairy individuals?

Looks like they make all of their stuffies with Merino wool, which will only really translate well to a shorthaired breed.

I have to say, the title of this thread may only be marginally misleading, but if you read it the wrong way it’s fairly horrific.

These are really adorable! I had one done many years ago of my little Papillon boy, Jay. I found the artist on eBay; I don’t think she is around any more, unfortunately.

PapSett - That’s remarkably life-like. Is it life-sized, too?

PS: Glad to see you popping in.


No, not life-size it’s only about 3" tall. I photographed him with some of my model horse showing props.

It feels good to be back. :slight_smile: