Attraction - Check, # Exchange - Check, Her Name - DOH!

So I meet a lovely young lady saturday night, quite earlier on in the evening, whilst talking amoungst a group of smokers outside a Tsunami Fund Raising Party…in any event, when introducing myself to this person, my mind was elsewhere. An hour later we reconnect and start a long conversation, we end up spending most of the next 6 hours chilling together, party-hopping etc. Seems like a promising situation that could turn into something interesting, exchanged #s & e-mails…but now here’s the problem: I can’t for the life of me remember her name! The opportunity to politely ask to be reminded has past, and now I just don’t know what to do? Anyone been in a similar situation before? Any smart tips to get the info without divulging my stupidity?


The only sane thing - start calling her some stupid nickname, of course. Like “Petunia”. That’s always a good one. Cause a petunia is a delicate flower, of course.

Does she work or do you have any vague idea of her schedule?

If so, call her when she’s not home. Either her name will be on her answering machine or you can just leave your name/number asking her to call you back (Hi, this is Binky calling to say hi, call me back at…"). Then don’t answer your phone so she can leave her name on your answering machine.

Send her an e-mail, with a simple salutation, such as “Hi!” Blather on in your preferred manner, and await her reply. With luck, she will be the type who includes her name in her signature.
Hopefully it won’t turn out to be “hotfundraisingchick394575”

Never do this, with any email! - it’s just begging to get dumped into a spam filter.

I like the answering machine method response. If that doesn’t work, get one of your friends to introduce himself to her, and then listen for her name. Or just say “I’m really sorry, but I’m bad with names, and I forgot yours.”

Whew, finally some solid ideas, thanks everyone!

I don’t question for a minute that the most ‘normal’ solution would be to nicely explain the situation, its not like I haven’t forgotten a name before, but I feel like a jerk having spent so much time w/ her and not mentioning it…meanwhile she remembered not only my name, but my hebrew name as well, which she mentioned as we were saying goodbye.

I think the e-mail or answering machine ideas are the best so far, cheers.

The e-mail and phone message suggestions are good (make sure to sign your e-mail - you don’t want to set a no signature precident :)).

I’d also try going to infospace or anywho and do a reverse search on her phone number. If you’re outside the US I don’t think that’ll work though…

The reverse phone thing was the first strategy I employed but to no avail, its a cellular.

Question: Does MSN Messenger not give access to a ‘profile’ of a person you add to your list until they also add you to theirs? I vaguely recall MSN not giving any info on newly added people (they appear on the buddies list but only listed with the e-mail I entered to add them) until they come online for the first time or add me. Anyknow know what I’m refering to? At the moment her ‘profile’ page is blank, though perhaps that will change if she comes online.

If she has one of those emails with her last name in it, you can do a people search on Yahoo! with her last name and city name. Should narrow it down.

This happened to me a few months ago. Luckily, he was the one who called me and left a voicemail on my phone.

Do you really need to do the reverse answering-machine, thing? Don’t most people’s answering machines/voice mails say “Hi, you’ve reached BoogaBooga, please leave a message?”

Or ask her where her name comes from. The response may be

“Well my grandmothers name was Emma so my parents named me after her”


“My parents just really liked the name Alfred”

Only if you use this as the Subject.

You can use it as the salutation (e.g., within the body) without a problem.

I thought it was cute when he was calling me “pet” names without using my real name. Then he asked how old I was and disputed my answer . . .

Prove it, he said. So I showed him my license - and there was my name . . . six months later, when Iwas well and truly hooked on him, he admitted his ruse. I married the fool.