How to track someone down with *very* little information about them...

I’ve been trying to do detective work for months now (to no avail) in trying to locate someone. Unfortunately, I only have her: name, former employer, email address, and city she lives/lived in as of 6 months ago, and the name of her son.

I’ve tried to email her and she only replied once. Still can’t find her.

I don’t know any of her friends, so I can’t do it that way. Did I mention she has the most COMMON name known to man? A FB search brings up over 200+ hits. AGH. I’m just shy of hiring a detective to find her.

How in the world can I go about this? :confused:

If she replied once, she knows that you’re looking for her, and quite possibly doesn’t care to renew your acquaintance. I’d advise you to ask yourself if she really wants you in her life. It’s one thing, of course, if you want her to pay an old debt or other obligation, but if you’re just trying to get back into her life…maybe you should let it go.

That depends on why you are trying to find her. If you have a large sum of money that belongs to her or something I would go ahead and hire the private detective. If you want to declare your undying love for her or something you need to let it go and stop trying to track her down. Stalking isn’t cool despite what Say Anything might have taught us.

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But, but… He gave her his heart and she only gave him a pen!

Remember when stalking was adorable? Then Rebecca Schaeffer had to go and ruin it for everybody.

Bitches, man.

No worries, it looks like you got it before the edit window closed. It’s as if it never happened.

My spidey-sense is tingling, I suspect this thread will be mod-closed very soon …

If this is a thinly disguised attempt to find Donald Ivens, I think that ship has sailed.

Do you still have a copy of her panties that you filched from her dresser while she slept? OK, swab it for DNA and see if you can match it up to any national databases.

Or you can take the clippings of her hair around to various salons and see if the stylists recognize it.

From other posts, it appears that RedBloom is female. So she’s a girl trying to track down another girl.

Our Say Anything references are probably obsolete now, but we can always use Single White Female as our frame of reference if needed.

There are skip-tracers you can hire online for (last I checked) $100, this is how I found my kid’s dad after 11 years of looking on my own… I could check on the company I used maybe… But… WHY are you looking for her?? :eek:

As long as we don’t see any rules violations, instigation of illegal activity, or undue sniping or trolling, there’s no reason to close the thread. At least for now, anyway.