Auction of Anthony Bourdain's possessions

This makes me sad. I loved this guy, as did many… for all the good it did him. :frowning:

An Anthony Bourdain Auction Will Include His Treasured Knife
A year after the celebrity chef’s death, some of his things are going on sale to benefit his family and the Culinary Institute of America.

There are some good pics with this article.

Yeah, that made me sad too. And I’d been wondering how his widow is set for money ever since I read awhile back that she sold the apartment they’d bought together and that she and her daughter were still living in when he died. Impossible to know, of course, but what was reported was that most of his estate was reserved for his daughter until she becomes an adult. Doesn’t help much with living expenses right now.

And before anybody asks…no, the Emmy he won on Saturday night (for Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown) will not be up for auction.
According to the Emmy rules, “If a recipient or the recipient’s heir or successor in interest proposes to sell or otherwise dispose of the EMMY® statuette, such persons shall be obligated to return the statuette to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which will retain the same in storage in memory of the recipient.”