AUDI A6 AVANT Factory Plush Floor Mats (6)-like new

I’ve got this great set of plush black/gray mats for the Audi A6 Avant. Hardly used; I totaled my baby when she had less than 50k on her. :frowning: The mats are “like new.”

There are six: 2 front and 2 rear seats, with anchor holes. (These are original factory equipment, even have the parts stickers still on the backs.) PLUS, there are two mats for the back cargo area: a shorter one for when you have the back seats up; and a longer one for when the seats are folded down. Both of these have the embossed AVANT on them. Gorgeous.

The car was a 2002, but I’ve kept these mats in climate-controlled storage. (A prolonged period of denial.) They fit a lot of years, and maybe other models. I can work with you on determining compatibility for your Audi. I’ll also consider splitting the set 4/2.

If you look on ebay you’ll see that even the front 4, used, go for $150 or more. Add in the specialty rear mats and you’d be looking at $300 or so.

I have pictures, which I can send to an email address.

The shipping keeps people from buying these off ebay. But I’ll sell the set of 6 for $125, negotiable, if you pick up (Portland Maine) or pay for slow-boat shipping or whatever you want.

Please, please, buy my car mats. They make me sad now that they’re out of storage, just sitting around with no car. Talk to me. ~ tapu

I would like to see pictures, please. My email address is in my profile. My wife and I drive a 2004 Audi A6 Avant wagon (we love it!). Any idea how much shipping would be for all six mats to the DC area?

Just saw this. Later this evening I will check to see if the mats are compatible with your vehicle, but I bet they are. I’ll send several pics, too. (And wow, I know, Audi is the way to go, huh?) I’ll get back to you by tomorrow.

Thank you. And don’t worry–if shipping is too high, I’ll work with you. I just hate to see these mats go to waste.

Great! We’ll be out of town this weekend as well as early June, in case you don’t hear from us at some point.

For shipping, you’ll want to put the mats in the smallest possible box and then check online prices for the three major shipping carriers (USPS will probably be cheapest). You can get a substantial discount if you purchase postage online versus in person. It will probably be less that $35 total.

I’d love pics too - I have a 2010 so I don’t know about the fit - but it’s grey! If it’s a fit I’m interested - I’ll PM ya.

Ahh bro I’m sorry for you. Good luck in selling it! Original Audi parts that are kept in good condition are always preferable to buying crap from China that is new. Trust me on this… :frowning:

Oh, you’re only selling the mats, oh well! good luck anyway g