Audio Receiver help

I just got a new entertainment center and went through the trouble of moving all of my entertainment equipment. I guess with the unpluggin of my receiver, the settings were lost.

So here’s my problem, I have a Sony STR-DE345 receiver. When i uses it for my tv audio, the center speaker is way too low. Under the same setting, the tuner audio works fine. I’ve treid messing iwth the settings, but i can’t seem to get it to work. If no one can give me an answer, could someone point me in the direction of some one that can?

Thanks a lot.

Man - I typed all this stuff then lost it… I hate it when that happens…

Anyway - to summarize:

I have the Sony DE545 so I might be able to address this. My center channel often seems too soft when I’m playing simple stereo input through the five speakers. It may be a case where Sony’s algorithm for faking 5 speaker sound from two-channel input is to blame.

I often find myself turning up the TV to supplement the center channel. If the input is two channel, then the other speakers are providing additional “width” to the sound, I don’t think you could expect much more than that anyway.

When I play 5.1 encoded sound, especially DTS, I have no problems with the center volume - it always seems just right.

I have a receiver control, accessible via the menus, for increasing the center channel gain - if you have the same and if you think the center is always too quiet, you might tweak at that setting some.

Hope this helps some.