Audubon society changing name?

He had kids and grandkids so some of the family could still be alive now. If so I would think the media will find them and ask about this .

I think a big part of the problem is not that they are changing their name, it is that a group seen as “leftish” is doing anything at all. I’m sure that if a press release came out that stated that J. Audubon was an asshole that not only supported slavery but actually owned slaves, but that it didn’t matter and that they were keeping his name, a great hue and cry would rise about hypocrisy and the like.


There’s this whole idea that leftists should alter what we do because if we don’t, we might face criticism from the right. As though there’s some course of action leftists could take that would simultaneously adhere to our moral principles and result in rightwingers saying, “Yknow what, that’s a great idea! Good job, leftists, we approve!”

Which is horseshit. There’s a whole outrage industry predicated on exaggerating and misrepresenting leftist actions in order to drum up outrage, get rightwingers elected, and sell ad time, not necessarily in that order. It doesn’t matter what we do, the misrepresentation is central to the strategy.

Or rather, it does matter what we do, but not for the purposes of preventing Fox and Daily Mail and NY Post from hyperventilating and Nelson Muntzing over it. It matters for the purpose of doing what we believe we should do, and fuck the haters.

The rightwingers desperately want us afraid of their scorn. We can’t be afraid.

Absolutely A-1, LHoD. Anyone who makes the argument “but you’ll trigger opposition with such extreme reasonableness!” needs to be ignored. Hard.

sometimes people dislike a group based on bad knowledge. For example Sierra Club does not oppose all hunting. They do oppose some hunts