Cancelling the Obamas? WTF

Go to say this is the bizzaro world! Is this an April fools joke?

I really don’t see how this is ‘cancel culture.’

I do, however, see that there is room for thoughtful debate on this issue. It’s one school. If the district is heavily Latino then there may be strong feelings on the issue. The school kids get a look at how the system worked and how it probably should work.

But I’m pretty sure of two things:

  • The Obamas will be moved by your concern, and
  • They’ll be okay

ETA: a bit more depth on the topic:

This is the problem with cancel culture: If you demand perfection, you’ll never get it.

Why don’t you tell me what the fuck it is, without expecting me to click your link?

That link gave me cancer. It’s so bad it’s not even worth wasting pit space over. OP, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You clicked on it? With that weak ass OP? I either admire you or are afraid of you.

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Par for the course for the OP:

Hey, thanks; it’s not actually today, though. It is this month. May there be a month of cake!
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I find the best corrective to this sort of OP is to let the rest of the board express their feelings about it.

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You’ve agitated the hive now. 50151281802 threads and posts on the Donald wherever and whenever are fine. But make a thread poking at the lunacy of the lunatic left and you better watch it. At least you didn’t make the mistake of saying anything bad about Joe Biden and his cluelessness.

You really need to stop being so credulous. Just because a post aligns with your views doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it to see if it’s legit, or see if it’s actually well argued or hasn’t been refuted by other comments.

The link in the OP is right wing outrage culture bullshit. Always check real sources before believing stuff like that.

Is that on the Party approved list?

And there is also a link to the Chicago Tribune in a post above.

Remaining as unable as ever to actually refute anything that has been said, I see.

The Obamas are not being cancelled because some people are arguing that their school shouldn’t be renamed after them. By that logic, they’d be cancelling you by not naming the school the Octopus School for Crustacean Americans.

Canceling, as much as it has a definition at all, means doing something that may harm the job of a person, or harassing them online. Neither of which is occurring here.

The irony is that it is the right overreacting, not the left, and that’s what’s making people see that you just use “cancel culture” for whatever you want to get people upset about, regardless of whether there’s actually anything there.

You look stupid for thinking we should do anything but mock this asinine attempt at pushing the culture war.

I didn’t write the article. Just sharing the link that is from a hopefully approved source.

That said, your analysis of it not being a cancellation is actually true and your logic was sound.

Graham Allen is a Turning Point lunatic. Anything and everything connected to him and his opinions should be barred as a valid citation merely on principle.