Br'er Barack to plum git Br'er FOX


Since the Clinton administration I’ve often marveled at the restraint of certain politicians when they are attacked by mud-slingers. Marveled, but not always admired. It’s almost like the Dem patry’s testicles have finally dropped.
And I know this is my second thread title with a Gullah association with Obama. I really do admire the man, but I just couldn’t waste the opportunity to plum git Br’er FOX. It really is a hyperbolic association, I assure you.

I have no clue what your title means but i applaud the efforts of the Obama administration for fighting back.

Well, I look forward to seeing that Br’er Ba-rabbit Obama getting even with that mean old Br’er Fox.

I’m not loving the article, though.

Really? That’s the administration’s go-to move? There was bubbling outrage when the contents of the speech weren’t public, and only 23 of the 32 alleged czars aren’t subject to oversight?

I don’t see either argument going well for the Dems.

I think the point is that the anti-Obama people go rabid on anything that Obama is doing or plans to do, regardless of the merits. So, for example, there was already a campaign orchestrated against Obama speaking to school students before they knew what he was going to say.

And the PR people at the White House have now decided not to expect any kind of rational discourse from that corner, and to try to pre-empt the debate before they do.

“Of course we objected before we knew what he was going to say! The whole point was that we didn’t know whether it’d contain something objectionable, sure as the bubbling outrage dissipated once he released the transcript as we requested. There’s no point in waiting until after he says something objectionable – not when you can get valuable information ahead of time by just asking for something reasonable. It’s just a shame the White House didn’t give out that information without being prompted, but they made the right decision once We The People showed 'em the way.”

“But rational discourse is what they got ‘from that corner’: a request was made, and the White House complied in time for people to make up their own minds.”

Can’t you hear Rush et al saying that?

What request was made for the contents of the speech before the offenderati got all hot and bothered about it? And did the protesting really die down after they found out what Obama was going to say?

Fastball, hell. Beanball. Pitch at them until they drop or refuse to enter the box. Then kick them with your cleats.

What got them hot and bothered was that they didn’t know what would be in it. “Some parents said they were concerned because the speech had not been screened for political content. Nor, they said, had it been reviewed by the State Board of Education and local school boards, which, under state law, must approve the curriculum…”

What set the context was that they’d been told a little.

Many conservatives enraged over Obama school speech - “Some of the controversy surrounding Obama’s speech stems from a proposed lesson plan created by the Education Department to accompany the address. An initial version of the plan recommended that students draft letters to themselves discussing ‘what they can do to help the president.’”

Sorta kinda, yeah. He released the script very soon before the address, and the protesting died down after the address, such that it’s potentially a hard call but probably edges out for the righties.

I like Obama, I loathe Fox, but I’ll not believe the Democrats have a pair til I see some beard and a broken beer bottle.

This can not possible go well for the White House. This is as likely to turn any political disagreement between the media and the WH into a 'No I didn’t!", “Yes, you did!” type of argument. And since it’s the WH vs. the media guess who will come out on top?

ETA: and for those who think this will only affect Republicans, keep in mind there will a Republican in the WH one day again.

And the Bush-haters were calm, reasoned, logical people?

There’s always a crazy fringe on every side of politics. The problem is that the craziness has infected the mainstream of the Republican Party in the last 11 months.

[Modding]This is probably bound for Great Debates.[/Modding]

This isn’t really new, since the White House was going after Rush Limbaugh from day one, for example. I don’t like the strategy. I think it’s inherently ridiculous for the president and his spokespeople, who are supposed have an agenda to implement and things to do, to be arguing with pundits who get paid to run their mouths and are not beholden to anybody except their advertisers. But that view may just be old fashioned. It’s media decentralization at work, the same way celebrities have their own twitter accounts rather than waiting around for reporters to interview them, and some sports teams have their own networks.

I don’t see this helping the Obama administration, but it’s true that they didn’t have a clear message on the health care issue, and the “death panel” and “government run health care” hysteria were more comprehensible. That hurt them a lot. And their critiques of the news media are not wrong. You can get the press to cover any ridiculous issue or claim as long as you can convince somebody that there’s a controversy - which is not difficult to do - and coverage of “controversies” is self-perpetuating. And debunking birthers doesn’t matter, since they still benefit from the free coverage.

The downside of this proposal is that it lowers the White House, gradually, to being one voice among many in a crowded and noisy media argument. Maybe that is going to happen inevitably anyway, but they’re giving up something in prestige and I don’t think they’ll gain very much from engaging their critics on the critics’ turf.

Uncle Remus isn’t Gullah. If it were Gullah, it would be unintelligible.

Evan Thomas, editor of Newsweek, said Obama was “sort of god”. If there’s anything crazier or more mainstream, let me know.

Not a clear message? Congress wanted to ram their bill through before anyone could read it. To them, being unclear was a feature, not a bug.

Gee, and Obama wants to lower the USA to being just one nation among many. Coincidence?

It’s more like your armbands are starting to show.

There are many different kinds of armbands. Elaborate please.

Mine look like these.

We are and always have been, literally, exactly that. It’s not a negative quality to admit the truth. Even if it scares you.