Hey, TheSlapIsBack. Come on down!

If the Obama Administration is breaking the law”? So is this a hypothetical question or are you claiming that he is breaking the law? If so, then why not just say so?

He thinks that trashing Fox News will gain some credibility for his argument with us. Isn’t that cute?

How nice of you to jump into that particular thread on page 7 and, ignoring all of the actual discussion that went before, declare all arguments in opposition to what you support to be ridiculous. Wow. I guess you won that discussion. I’m sure that will sway all of the evil liberals and fraudulent voters in that thread! :rolleyes:

I haven’t even looked at the other couple dozen posts you’ve made but I can guess that they’re similar.

How about you post something serious instead of using a bunch of silly rhetorical tactics?

Or maybe you can just crawl back to whatever PAC or “think” tank spawned you and tell them they’re wasting they’re money in this particular effort.

Wait, what is the other thread? If he was already confronted with evidence of why this amounts to very little I have to check it, I really want to verify if they are just willful ignorants before I continue to engage them. Or is this about two different subjects that show how ignorant he is?

The first two are from this thread:

and the other one is from here:

I’m not even complaining about his viewpoints, much as I disagree with them. My complaint is more with the way he presents them.

Where do they come from? What brings them here? Seems like every other week, some tighty righty comes charging in, going to rip the mask off, going to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the left. Always have this tone of voice that suggests they know something we never heard about, something that will send us reeling in dismay and shock.

And usually, within a week or so, they wander off. And then comes another one.

Does someone rat us out, is that it? On rightarded message boards, someone says “Hey, you want to cope with some serious moonbats, go over to StraightDope, they’ll give you a tussle…” I mean, it’s not like we’re famous, or anything.

So many questions! Where do they come from? What do they want? When it will stop? And, of course, what the fuck?

August is the new July.

I’m praying to the infant little baby Jesus that September is better.

I just got the impression he wanted to tell us that we weren’t worth talking to.

He was talking at us, not to us.

Calm down, stupid.

Yup. Basically, he said, “I care deeply about this issue, but it’s not my responsibility to defend my position.” How premeditatively lame is that?

These are the dumb days of summer.

Was there a poster here called “TheSlap”?

Well, it’s already been implied (with some justification) that this isn’t Slappy’s first visit to the SDMB rodeo, so a check of recently-banned posters who used the word “slap” in their posts may be illuminating.

For what it’s worth, which ain’t a lot.

What a slaphead.

Well, there was Slappy The Clown.

And on that note, I’m surprised that adaher hasn’t been given a Royal Pit Welcome yet.


From greenslime’s possibly final post:

Aren’t there still intelligent reasonable conservatives on this board? I have been noticing a lot of posts that seem to intend to get liberal knickers in a twist - and a lot of that nasty little pseudo-reasonable style of argument - lately, but I assumed that was a fluke.

Wake me up when September ends.

There are, but they do sound more liberal nowadays because very important subjects have been politicized when they should not had been, I have seen several conservatives that do understand science, but even in the outside world we do see now that even reasonable conservatives are being drowned out by the currently very extreme Republicans. Well, it seems to be worse outside than over here, they are not just being shouted down, they are even threatened if they show reason.

Even the long-termers seem to have become simplistic one-note idealogues to the point of self-parody. <ahem> Bricker <ahem> I mean, when I first joined in '06 he didn’t seem then like he is now (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

To be fair, there are intellectually honest conservatives, such as Senor Beef, who by comparison to his former brethren is akin to a tie-dyed peace-love-and-dope Woodstockian-but that’s more because the GOP has lurched madly rightward while he has more or less stayed still. [I will disavow this entire paragraph tho if he comes here and indicates that I have misrepresented him.]