San Fran might rename 44 schools

Including one named for that well known racist Abe Lincoln (and yes I know the article is not new)

How exactly is coming up with a list of names a “strain” on schools or students? That’s up there as one of the stupidest things I’ve heard all year (and that’s saying something, considering the year we’ve had).

I don’t mind renaming schools. But I strongly protest renaming San Francisco to “San Fran”. SF if you need to shorten it, never San Fran. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

How about “Frisco”?:yum:

how about city where Bernie Sanders would be be too far to the right ?

It’s one the few areas of California that Biden beat Sanders in the primaries, actually.

the one that is funniest is El Dorado, not a real person or place.

No, but El Dorado as a concept is practically the epitome of the Spanish/Colonial ransack of Central and South America.

If naming a school after a person only invites acrimony, just give them all numbers (e.g, P.S. #23). Problem solved.

around here for the past 30 years or so they no longer use names of people. They use areas or streets which leads to dumb names like Athens Drive High. Not sure why they left Drive in the name. One town wanted a school named for the town so they renamed the street the school was being built on.

NYC elementary and middle schools have numeric names, and high schools have regular names. I don’t know of any off the top of my head named after people. They’re usually named after the area they are in (Midwood, Bensonhurst, Beach Channel…). I guess Stuyvesant is named after a person, but the area is also called Stuyvesant (which came first, the HS name or the area name? I don’t know).

Athens Drive High School opened its doors in 1978. Political Correctness has been running amuck for a long time I guess.

While I think this is, in general, a worthy exercise, having left SF because of the nightmarish school situation there, I can think of a list of things they could fix first.

I fail to see how the minimal amount of effort required to rename schools is going to disrupt efforts to fix those other things.

“How can we possibly fix the failing educational system when the school is named after that man?

Is that the argument of the people trying to rename the school, or your own?

Sure, if you think that the deck chairs on the Titanic are positioned incorrectly, it is perfectly fine to take the minimal effort to rearrange them.


the SF school system only has around 55k kids. That is very low for a city that size. To compare we have 1 million in my county and schools have around 160k kids. They must have many kids in religious and private schools and home schools.