August zombie disorder

Ever since I achieved full maturity I have felt like a zombie in August. Crawl out of bed when the alarm goes off, go through the motions, do the minimum to get by, but something is wrong. Severe fatigue, total lack of motivation to do anything. It goes away about second week in September and starts up during the last week in July. Every single year. At first I assumed a ragweed allergy but antihistamines do nothing and there are no other allergy symptoms. I suspect it has something to do with seasonal affective disorder but no one talks about it. Have you noticed how many people take vacations in August? Is this a common thing? I accept negative judgement because I am too unmotivated to respond.

I’m usually dragging in August, but I know what it is. It’s the heat. I do not do well in hot weather, and the dog days just knock me for a loop. There’s another two months of this to go, too.

And directly related, the electric bill due to all that A/C also bums me out.

Wait…This is as mature as your ever gonna get?? :eek:

I love August so much that I chose it as the month to made my earthly debut!

I honestly think I have (self-diagnosed) “Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.” :smiley: I usually feel down and listless in the hottest/sunniest months and I especially LOATHE August; bring on the cool crispness of October and the downright winter freezing, please!

And today was the hottest, most humid, yuckiest, stickiest day I’ve ever experienced in my 50 years on Earth.

Yes, exactly. I think that’s it. Although I like my name for it better.

I tell people outright that I get seasonal affective disorder in the summer. House is a mess, I don’t put on any makeup, hair’s always put up, dishes dirty, don’t cook, barely do laundry, I shower just to fulfill my social duty to not be gross. I sleep a LOT. I take a long time to get ready to go to work, because I’m dreading going outside. I use an umbrella when it’s not cloudy, the HOT direct sun makes me cringe and feel like I’m wilting on the inside, sunglasses aren’t enough.