Auguste Pinochet

Is it pronounced “PEEN-OH-SHAY” or “PIN-OH-CHET”? I heard an NPR anchor introduce a BBC package using the first pronounciation and the BBC reporter used the second pronounciation throughout the package.

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Slate has the answer.

So how should ‘ricochet’ be pronounced?


Slate has it wrong. The correct pronunciation is:

BRU-tal MUR-der-ing DIC-Ta-tor.

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good one, Quix. That was a blast from the past!

Now the correct pronunciation is “brutal murdering extradited and lost his appeal dictator.”

I visited Santiago on business during the Pinochet years, I was there for a few days. The business acquaintence I was seeing told me that if I wanted to go explore the city, it was perfectly safe – there was no crime on the streets. “Muggers are shot,” he said, and he thought that would make me feel comfortable.

Actually, shooting muggers might not be such a bad idea in certain places. I’m told that one of the chief reasons there’s so much Mexican emmigration/immigration is that in most major Mexican cities, crime is reaching “critical levels.” (This from a website listing travel advisories for various countries). Can anyone confirm or deny this? And yes, I know that Auguste Pinochet was the ruler of Chile, not Mexico.

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