Auntie Em and SkipMagic's *Magic Board!*

From the people who brought you Tales of a Missing Co-Worker, A Really Big Vagina, and Kansas City Dopefests (really, people, I just ride her coattails o’ fame), we bring you:

Skip’s Magic Board
Yet Another Way To Avoid Work

You’re all very welcome to join. I promise you three wishes if you do. (The Magic Board’s genie will grant you those wishes, but first we have to hire one. When we do, by golly, you’ll be the first to know.)

The Magic Board is just a general board, but if you want to get dressed up in leathers and spikes to post there, feel free to do so. I draw a limit, however, on posting while involved in water sports. You’ll just get your keyboard all soggy.
I know, I know: you all want to donate money, cars, jewelry or a really good pizza to join, but you don’t need to. It’s free!

So, there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, except for the homage you have to pay auntie em (who is auntsie pants over there). You gotta tell her she looks nice and pretty today. :wink:

Skip told me if I didn’t post here, he’d ban me. :frowning:

So, yeah. Join the Magic Onions! You know you want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m not sure that’s what we’re called, but I like it.)

I think I can manage to spread my mundane and pointless self across two boards.

So, when do I get my wishes?

I did know such thing! All I said was, “Anyone remember those ‘Ban’ commercials?” And then I linked to this thread. That last was a slip of the fingers–I swear!

Wait. Shouldn’t a shamrock be handing out wishes? :slight_smile: You might just be the closest thing to a genie we’ll get on that board, so how do you feel if I turn the wish-seekers your way? :wink:

All right already, stop harrassing me! I joined, I joined! Now, shutup about it; oh, and if I don’t get my three wishes in what I consider to be a reasonable time frame, please expect a large lawsuit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this really an open invitation, or is there an application/approval process?

Sure, the SDMB accepts unknown losers like me, but I assumed erudite folks like yourselves would have standards.

I’ve seen her pics posted. IMO she always looks pretty.

just registered!

Skippy, your Auntie Em’s thread on the Missing Cow-orker had me enthralled, it was the first Dope Thread I ever read. So I guess we can say its all her fault. Naturally, I’ll have to follow the both of you around forever.

BTW, my name IS Em, and I am an aunt. Creeepy huh???


I have a question . . . if it’s Auntie EM and SkipMagic’s Magic Board, why do all the forums say “Led by SkipMagic and CajunMan”?

Is there something you’re not telling me? :dubious: :wink: :smiley:

. . . or is there something I’M not telling me?

Don’t worry, Auntie. You’re still his primary.

Open invitation. You aren’t officially considered a loser over there until you’ve reached your 10,000 post. Board admins, of course, are exempt. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, too. But you won’t ever catch me not saying it. Heck, I even think it’s a tattoo somewhere on me…

But if you both dressed up in the same outfit, would I ever be able to tell you apart? I mean, are you cousins? Identical cousins? Have you lived most everywhere, from Zanzibar to Barclay Square?

Because we just lead. We look to you for answers. :wink:

Ooooh, nice save! :wink:

Here’s hoping that she thinks so…

You’re so well trained, Skip. :stuck_out_tongue:

And he’s your primate! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, Iwannanew member title. Something big and shiny.

I don’t think we’ve yet discussed the going rates for custom titles. I’m thinking that we should start off at you paying us $500 just to think about it; and if we approve, maybe another $200 just for the time and labor involved with the change.

Or, we could just rent the title out at a monthly cost…

Check your PayPal.

That and a little gifty-poo might get you somewhere.

Well damn! Three different times I typed in that security code number and three different times it said I did it wrong. Guess I’m not smart enough to join Skip