(Posted with permission of the staff.)

I’ve set up a new message board,

Membership is free and all are welcome. It would be great if people used their same screen names from here so I know who people are, but that is of course up to you.

Why am I doing this? First and foremost, this is not a protest again the SDMB, nor is it an attempt to replace it. I am (and plan to always be) a Doper. I’m hoping this can be the SDMB’s edgier but still beloved cousin. So, basically, I’m doing this because I have some ideas for rules and forums that I think might be fun, and I suspect other people do as well so I figured it was worth the initial investment. We can experiment to see what works, and maybe some of what we try out will be adopted back here.

I’ve written up a couple of threads in the ATMB equivalent forum which I’m hoping can launch a discussion about what kind of board to make it. I really don’t like having it named after me, actually, so one of the first things we may want to do is choose a better name.

(Mods, apologies if this is the wrong forum – it seemed relevant to all the recent rules discussion. Please move as you see fit.)

Board announcements pretty much always go in MPSIMS, so I’ll move it there.

And in a non-mod note, let me say that I’ve enjoyed setting up, running and posting to my message board, so I hope you have as much fun with yours. Get a good group of people as members, and it’s certainly worth the effort.

I’m in. Looks great Giraffe.

Looks interesting and I like the forum descriptions (‘We may not know you very well, but that won’t stop us from telling you what to do.’ =^.^=). Good luck.

I’m going to thank you, Giraffe, but I’m sticking here for a bit.

Oh great… yet another way to waste my time instead of being productive at work. Hmph.

(in other words, YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!)

No worries, I hope everyone sticks here. I have no plans to leave, this just gives me an extra way to waste time online. :slight_smile:

Sweetness. I’m there.

Will there be pie?

Will there be hookers? If so, can anyone spot me like $500?

Thank Og I’m retired… :smiley:

Cool. I just registered. Not planning on leaving this board, either, but it’s nice to have alternatives.

I’m in. So with Giraffe’s veldt to roam around on, and [advertising link deleted - SkipMagic], and here, I could potentially bloviate about the same thing in three places, boom boom boom. What else have I got to do with my life?

This is the third time today I’ve told you to stop posting advertising links without permission. Since you don’t want to heed our warnings, your posting privileges will be under discussion.

I am tempted to join, based on this alone -

Maybe later.


Wow. Did you just actually CHANGE Baldwin’s post? Is that new? Is it policy?

Note: I’ve copied this one.

I removed an advertising link, which is neither new or unexpected. And any further comment on this action should be made in another thread.

They’ve always deleted spam links.

Looks like they’ve missed one.

Thanks. I’ve done that.