The Long-Necked Animal Message Board

I’ve run into a few mentions of said board on SD and finally took a stroll on over to take a look. Huh, it’s an odd little ungulate outpost.

It seems this is a site that Dopers dare not mention by name? Am I allowed to ask some questions about it here or will I be disappeared? Are the Illuminati or Freemasons involved and I need to learn a secret handshake?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask questions about it over there?


I’ve seen it mentioned over here and went and checked it out, too. Seems pretty much the same, but with stupid shit like “Avatars” and paragraph long signature lines that show up on every post.

Almost as bad as the BMW forums. :wink:

And cat pictures.

No thanks. I get enough of that here, there and everywhere. I don’t see the point in signing up for something just like this, but slightly more suckey. I need to get out more often, anyway.

I almost exclusively just play mafia over there. It’s much more convenient for that.

I’ve heard of that place. They seem like a rather sketchy bunch. :wink:

Seriously, you won’t get in trouble for mentioning the Giraffe Boards. There are quite a few posters who belong to both places and enjoy each one for its own merits.

Yeah, just come over and sign up so we can ask you the mandatory questions.

Oh, giraffe message board. I thought you mean the okapi message board!

It was a spinoff from this board when we went pay-to-post. Giraffe used to moderate here, I don’t think there are any particularly hard feelings.

GB has had a good relation with the Dope throughout its existence. It was one of 2 boards that started at the same time when it looked like the lights might get turned off here. GB is the successful one. The other still kind of exists but has been on life support for 7-8 years.

GB is a fun general purpose board.

Yeah, Giraffe boards is a good time and full of fun people talking about interesting things like, is pizza a better food than bread?

Also they have mafia and for a little while, Secret Hitler and some actual real conversation about serious topics like politics and bullying.

Good group.

In case anyone wants to know what the greatest movie of all time was, they are about to start a poll to find out scientifically.

I applaud the investigative spirit, but anyone who knows anything already knows the greatest movie of all time is UHF.

About the only time I head over to the Giraffe board is when the SDMB appears to be inaccessible, like that time a year or so ago when everyone here was locked out and unable to post. Basically I use it kind of like the “down for everyone or just me?” site. If something has gone horribly wrong with the SDMB, they are usually talking about it over there.

It’s not Giraffe’s fault. It’s all Fenris’ fault.
Fenris,* et al*, snark derp 9 to 5.

There you go Fenris, your next thread title.

No one is allowed to mention S3. Either here or there.

That’s about the only time I ever go over there. Been a member there since about the same time as I’ve been here and still have less than a dozen total posts.

Well now it’s time to find d out if science is on your side.

I’m a member there, but rarely visit. I do know that they have character assassination threads where folks over here (including me) are routinely excoriated and mocked for perceived character flaws. Sort of like Pit threads, only more childish.

Yeah, I’ve browsed over there a bit, too. Seemed rather relentlessly negative and insulting, but maybe I was just in the wrong threads.

No kidding, the worst flaming/scorched Earth discussions I’ve encountered are in BMW forums. It makes our Pit seem like a frolic with sunshine and kittens. A Bimmer Forums thread was shut down when a guy threatened to kill another poster over a torque ratio argument (“Fucker, I’ll find your home address and beat you to death with a jack handle”).

Good times!

It’s a terrible place, full of terrible people.