Aussie dopers: whence the "Province Of Hutt River"?

In the 1960’s, a farmer named Casley declared his farm the independent “Provence of Hutt River”, and named himself the Prince.

What’s happening with this “microstate”? Is it doing as well as Seatopia?

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor

The laird of Hutt River Province seems to be doing OK. Last I heard (early 2000) he was spruiking his own Trade Bureau, selling personalised car licence plates etc.

Part of the charm of his efforts are because Hutt River seceded from the State (Western Australia) that has always been threatening to secede from the Australian Commonwealth. Whenever sandgropers start getting emotional about independence, a quiet reminder that they really should be more original that just following in Hutt River’s lead usually puts a kink in the glucose tube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am not familiar with Seatopia, please provide more details!

<from a coin dealer’s point of view>

from Hutt River

We have enjoyed, in the coin biz, some interesting coin-like thingies over the last 25 years, or so. Many-a-government have sold their name to promoters who put out “legal tender” coins and sell them to collectors world wide. Usually it doesn’t reach the courts, but there is BIG money behind many of these “schemes.” Not the first, certainly not the last.

An oofshore oil drilling platform or old WW2 antiaircraft platform, off the shore of Great Britain. Declared itself independent in the 70’s. Many threads on this site on this topic. Please refer to search engine.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: