Aussies: Big Day Out 2004

In case you haven’t noticed, the first announcement of the lineup for Big Day Out 2004 has been released:

Right here.

So what’s everyone think? Personally I’m impressed, much more so than with last year’s offering…the Flaming Lips, Mars Volta and Aphex Twin definitely have me excited. Plus, Melbourne gets the Australia Day show again. Anyone else got thoughts on the lineup? Any rumours about second announcements?

I’m really excited, and I think it’s the best line-up in years… I missed At The Drive-In at the BDO a few years ago so I’m really excited about The Mars Volta, currently one of my favourite bands. Aphex Twin and A Perfect Circle should be great, too. And say what you will about Metallica’s new material, but they still put on a great live show.

Gold Coast, here I come!

I’m fairly excited.

I’m particularly keen to see the Dandy Warhols, the Strokes, the Flaming Lips and Gerling. I look forward to reading future announcements as to who else will be playing.

OTOH, the presence of Metallica is going to draw a big bogan contingent to the show, which is a bit of a discouragement for me. (For this reason, I must admit I’m a little glad the Perfect Circle withdraw from the show. Don’t hurt me.)

In any event, I’ll be there. With bells on.

This list rocks! I’m really excited about Aphex Twin, Flaming Lips, Strokes, Peaches and Basement Jaxx (whom I missed two years ago because the Boiler room was full). And considering that this is only thefirst round of announcements, I’m expecting big things to come.

Narrad: yeah, unfortunately Metallica will draw the bogan contingent, but they seem to find some reason for being there every year - I mean, it was the same with Limp Bizkit.

I’d prefer Sparta to the Mars Volta - I think they’re the better of the post ATDI bands, and I’m not really into prog rock, but thgey’ll be interesting. And maybe they’ll make up for ATDI leaving the stage after 15 minutes in 2001.

Yeah, you’re right. (Although Limp Bizkit never made it to this side of the country, thankfully.*

I accidentally left Basement Jaxx off my list. Can’t wait to see them play live!

On Gerling: I saw them at a BDO yonks ago (maybe 1999?) and they didn’t leave a lasting impression. Fast-forward to earlier this year and I saw them open for Machine Gun Fellatio – and they totally blew the place away!

  • Of course, the reason for them not coming to Perth was entirely tragic and regrettable.

Yup, Gerling rocks. I was converted early in the morning on a BDO in 2001 or 2000 or something. But I don’t really get excited about Australian bands appearing at festivals - it mattered when I was underage and that was the only way I could see them, but it seems that they all come through town about twice a year.

2 questions for my friends “down under”:

  1. What is a “bogan”? Is it kinda like a “cement head”?

  2. What ever happened to The Clouds? Anybody got any current news on what the members are doing lately? I know the band is history, but these folks have to be up to something. Any new projects?

Delta-32 Skee-doo!

Kerrrrrr-EYE-stah, I feel old. Mental as Anything aren’t playing, then?

gatopescado, “bogan” is a (usually regional Victorian / Melbourne) slang word meaning a lower working class white person who probably has a mullet, drinks Southern Comfort and Coke, wears flannel shirts… and, well you get the idea. Bogans tend to be urban, so they don’t have the car body full of chickens in their yard. Other than that I hate Southern Comfort, I’d qualify as a “bogan”, except that I live in Sydney and not Melbourne, so the correct term is a “Westie”.

Sounds like a Hillbilly Henhouse to me. What a larf!

Thanks, Dog!

You a Cash fan? I just got back from vacation and we made a special side trip to Nashville to visit his grave. Got there before the marker or even the sod!

A real nice site. Just as in life, classy, tastefull, approachable and unassuming.

We use the word bogan in the west too (I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t around), plus I’ve heard it used in Qld.

Bogan status was, of course, forever immortalised in Area 7’s “Nobody Likes A Bogan”. :wink:

Incidentally, I just changed my username, so apologies for any identity confusion.

About them then:
and now:

… the various ex-members of Clouds had become involved in a variety of new projects. Stuart Eadie was playing drums in Karma County. Jodi Phillis and Raphael Whittingham (drums) had joined forces with Tim Oxley (guitar, vocals; ex-Verys) and Greg Hitchcock (guitar, vocals; ex-Verys, You Am I) as The Dearhunters. The band’s confident debut album, Red Wine and Blue, came out in October 1999 on the Candle label. Just prior to the album’s release, The Dearhunters shared a split 7-inch single (‘Ivy’) with The Hired Guns (‘Blue Sunday’), which came out on the Steady Cam label in August. In October, The Dearhunters toured with the line-up of Phillis, Oxley, Hitchcock, Darren Hanlon (keyboards, vocals; also with Michael Thomas and The Sure Thing) and Dave Aston (drums).

Whittingham had left to concentrate on his other band, Stella One Eleven. Formed by Sydney-based singer/songwriter Cindy Ryan, Stella One Eleven also comprised Genevieve Maynard (guitar, vocals; ex-Bughouse), Bowden Campbell (guitar; from Front End Loader) and Pat Hayes (bass; ex-Falling Joys). The band’s debut CD single, ‘Hard’, came out in late 1998. The second single, ‘Mr Big Car’ (March 1999), was a taster for the debut album, Mr Big Car (April), both issued on Candle. Ryan listed her influences as Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett, and the album ranged from solid guitar pop to minor key acoustic arrangements. The album produced two more CD singles, ‘Only Good for Conversation’ (August) and ‘She Lies’ (November).

The line up looks good. I didn’t go this year, but I’ve been a lot of other times, so 2004 looks like it’s a goer.

Good info! Thanks AndrewT!

I heard that the Electric Six are a rumour for the second announcement. That should be…interesting. Still, I’d go see em.

Wow the line up sounds great so far!! Can’t wait to see the Dandy Warhols, the Strokes and Basement Jaxx!!
Most of all I’m peeing my pants without excitement about seeing Gerling again… I’m so excited!!!