Which washed-up/has-been bands have played in YOUR city lately?

I live in a small city of about 50K people, so any band that people have actually heard of make news when they play here… even if they haven’t put out a record in 10 (or 20!) years. This past year, we’ve played host to (and these are the only ones that come to mind immediately, I’m sure I’ll remember more):

Helix[sub] I actually thought they were all dead![/sub]**:eek:

Trooper**[sub] They’re the Boys in the Bright White Sportscar![/sub]**

Boney-M**[sub] NightFlight to Venus, Baby![/sub]**

Nazareth**[sub] HAIR OF THE DOG!!![/sub]**

Sweeny-Todd**[sub] ROXY-ROLLER!![/sub]**

Gowan**[sub] He’s got a criminal mind![/sub]

And just anounced to play April 24:**
Vanilla Ice!!**
Me and the boyz are hoping Tone-Loc will be the surprise opening act.

Which chart-burner has been gracing your fine city’s presence lately?

Washed-up rockers must say a little ‘Thank God for Japan’ prayer as they go to bed each night.

In the Tokyo the following will be playing within the next month:

Olivia Newton-John
Hall & Oats
The Bangles (the announcement: " f80s girl rock icons out to prove not all dinosaurs are male.")
Paul Gilbert (former member of Mr. Big)
King Crimson
John Wetton (former King Crimson bassist/vocalist. Wonder if the venues are next to each other)
Jackson Browne
Boz Scaggs

Santana’s also playing, but I’d hardly call him washed-up.

I don’t live in a particularly small city (El Paso TX). While big name acts occassionally come in, we sure do see the Scorpions come often - often twice a year.

And Tone Loc washed up? Say it isn’t so!!

I’m just heartbroken that the gig by the (Jello Biafra-less) Dead Kennedys scheduled for Edinburgh Scotland, this April, has been cancelled. (Moneygrabbing bastards.)

Luckily in the next 2 months we still get Wayne Hussey (ex The Mission), Don McLean, Maria McKee (“Show Me Heaven”), Fish, The Average White Band, Joe Jackson (“Different for girls”) and The Damned. Not to mention Jane Birkin.

Recent months have also seen Love (who play here every 6 months or so), Nancy Sinatra, Stiff Little Fingers, and the late and once-great Joe Strummer.

and if they’re really washed up, they add “…oh, and thanks for Russia, too.”
Moscow is a city where Gloria Gaynor plays at least three times a year, filling 5,000 seat halls. What does she do, play “I will survive” 14 times in a row, then say “spasibo, see you in 6 months” and pick up her paycheck?
Slade and Sweet played a double bill in February.
We’ve got Jethro Tull coming, as well as both King Crimson and something called 21st Century Schizoid Band, which is apparently made up of ex-King Crimson members (none of whom I’d heard of).
The faux Dead Kennedys played here last month, and I came that close to seeing them, Jello or no Jello… only to be outraged at the 1200 rouble ticket price ($40 to see what is essentially a really good tribute band?).

At a different club, Boy George was playing the same night.
I know Russians didn’t get a chance to see these bands in the 1980s, but still…


You mean Gowan with Styx, yes?

sigh. I love Styx, I think they still put out great music and put on one of the best rock shows ever… but yeah, they’ll never be chart toppers again.

'S okay by me. I shall enjoy them as long as they’re willing to get out there and do shows, and as long as they’re still giving me my bang for the buck.

Bernse, was Bryan Adams with Sweeney Todd in their recent appearance? He did play with the band–somewhere in my LP collection, which is not handy at the moment, I have a Sweeney Todd album (I think it was “If Wishes were Horses”) showing a very young Bryan Adams. When he was at the height of his solo popularity, I used to bring it out and show my friends the dweeb he used to be.

Sure, the bands you listed are old, but you can still have fun with them. I recall seeing Trooper about ten years or so ago at a club in Oshawa, Ontario. Yes, they did “Bright White Sportscar,” and “General Hand Grenade” and all their other hits, and it was kind of fun–it was all the songs you knew them for, and nothing new that they were trying to currently promote.

Heck, one of the members of Lighthouse (remember them?) lives nearby, and once or twice, he’s called a few friends and suggested they jam at a place a couple of blocks from my home. The friends? Old Cancon rockers Bob Segarini and Greg “Goddo” Godovitz. Old, yes, and perhaps washed-up, but still able to play their old hits well, and put on an enjoyable show.

Now, if Klaatu would only reunite and do the local club circuit, I’d be a real happy camper.

Here in Knoxville Cher came to play. :yawn:

Carrott Topp is “performing” here in a few weeks.:eek:

In the last few months, Austin has hosted or will host…

Eric Burdon and the New Animals

No. Although, he did actually play here last year. But, I don’t consider him a washed up has been either. He’s got some talent and still puts out records of quality with some consistancy.

Last summer at the Taste of Chicago…Foreigner!!!
We weren’t going to stay for it, but as we were leaving the roadies who were setting up the equipment hit some chords from “Cold as Ice” and we were hooked! It was a rockin’ good time!
(If I could add a .jpg, I’d treat you to pix of the world’s oldest groupie, who was also in attendance…fishnet stockings, black leather, heels, halter top, and a tiara! She got down all night.)

BTW, Joe Jackson’s not washed up!

I don’t* think* he played with Styx…
I mean Lawrence Gowan. A Canadian guy from the mid 80s.

I recently heard, bernse, that Lawrence Gowan–yes, the Lawrence Gowan that you and I are familiar with–would be taking Dennis DeYoung’s place in Styx, for their current tour. No cite, unfortunately, but I recall seeing it as one of those snippets of “entertainment news” that was on the regular TV news the other night.

Dr. Righteous, Larry Gowan did have a fairly successful solo career in Canada back in the 1980s. “Criminal Mind,” which bernse referred to, was one of his hits. If you’re in the US, you probably never heard of him, since he seemed to prefer that he and his music stay in Canada. Guess his attitude has changed.

Ohhhh…email it to me!

Several years ago now, but one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to (for the sheer camp value) was the Village People.

Grass Roots is coming to town, but I don’t want to know the ‘midnight confession’ of a 60 yr old wash up do I?

Ian Anderson san Jethro Tull. I kinda wish I’d have gone to that one.

Kansas got rained out at a freebie downtown a few years back.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive shows up on a fairly regular basis.

Tull and Crimson are two of my all-time favorite bands. I wouldn’t agree at all that King Crimson is “washed up/has-been”; their music is still tremendously progressive and vital, and by no means stuck in the past. I just saw them two weeks ago in San Francisco. They currently play only music from their last three albums.

If you want to hear the old King Crimson repertoire, check out the Schizoid Band. Except for guitarist/singer Jakko Jakszyk (hope I spelled that right), they are indeed made up of members of the early King Crimson lineups, and woodwind player Ian McDonald was pretty much the dominant musical force on the first Crimson album.

As for Tull, well, they do kinda “live in the past,” but they’re still great.

Suh-Weeet! :wink: