Aussies! Your National Sport is for Drongos!!

Now that I’ve got your attention, I have a little wager to make.

On Friday, the men, nay, GIANTS of Gaelic Football take on the gooseberries of Australian Rules football in the second test of the International Rules series.

( for those that dont know, its a combination of Gaelic football and Aussie rules, and has to be seen to be believed!! )

Since we danced merry rings about your defence in the first test, I’m feeling very haughty.

Who has faith in those tatterdemalions you call Australian Rules players? do you think you can beat the staunch heroes wearing the green white and gold?
My sig is on the line, for one month.

Come on, you antipodian wastrels, your collective faces have been slapped my my glove.

Oh God! Not another sport that the Australians can beat the English at. (We’ll give you a run for your money at football (proper football).

And Morris Dancing.

And show jumping.

Don’t annoy the drongo. That’s one bird with a nasty temper. Who am I to argue with the crazed loons of the Emerald Isle? I mean, one of your coaches whacked an umpire! If that’s not staunch I sure I don’t know what is.

I’ll predict that we’ll win in Adelaide. My current sig is not worth much in trade though. Had you got me last month I’d be putting Aristole at risk.

I was intending to go to the game, as I’m a member at the MCG, but something came up. It was only half full, but I can’t imagine your lads would play in front of 48000 too often. It’s cute that we have a mixed code. Our players love it. It is a shame that the hybrid doesn’t suit the big blokes though.

The series over here are always very popular. Especially as The aussies know how to start a good row :wink:

What would you think would improve the code for the Big players?

Twist, I’ll take that bet. You’re goin’ down, sunshine, and I look forward to seeing your sig read “Australians kicked Irish arse on the football field and then out-drank them at the pub afterwards.”

Possibly not the snappiest line ever, but I’ll settle for another one that conveys the same spirit :wink:

Now all we have to do is get everyone on the same page as to when the game actually ends. You think they’d have sorted that out ahead of time, wouldn’t you?

Graciously accepted.

If/When the Irish win ;), your sig is to be

“I, as an Aussie, Decree that Australians cannot drink properly. we are all two pot screamers, and submit humbily to the greatness of Ireland.”
As for when the Game ends, you always need a little Argie Bargie to keep the series interesting :wink:

Bump for the Aussies!