Austin Dopefest-who's on board?

I’ll e-mail my cell number to you later today.

Aye, that sounds reasonable.


Tis not looking good on getting out of my appointment.

Why is it that I have weeks of nothing and then a fest comes up, I have a billion things scheduled?


May I offer this piece of advice for any of y’all travelling from Houston: check on I-10’s status before you drive on it, or just take 290 instead. I drove to H-town last weekend and they had lane closures on I-10. It was a real sh*t sandwich.

Okay, I expressed interest before, then found out I couldn’t go, but now I can go, so reserve a chair for me, please.

I live in the South area of town and for me, it’s actually a bit faster to take the beltway-8 to I-10. I should probably just get an EZ-Tag =)

Speaking from my personal experience, I prefer coming up State Hwy 71, instead of 290. You can pick up 71 from Columbus, just a short hop down I10 from Katy.
And yes, I know, people must be wondering why I know all that when I live in San Antonio. Let’s just say it’s because I have family and doper friends in Houston and Austin both. :slight_smile: Not to mention Dallas/Ft Worth.

Anyway, it’s still looking good for me so far.

purrplebear, that is exactly the way I usually go. (Take I-45 up to 610, then to I-10 and so on…) I think I’m going to take the Beltway this time because it cuts out some of the I-10 drive, and I think will put me there just at the end of the lane closures or right after them. I did get stuck in some nasty traffic on I-10 when I drove up there about a week ago.

Is anyone coming back to Houston on Saturday night? Funky Space Cowboy would like to come with me Saturday morning, but he doesn’t want to stay overnight and I have some things to do with other people on Sunday before I can come home. If anyone can give him a ride back, let us know. :slight_smile:


Much thanks to ** jinwicked ** for speaking up for me.
I’ll sweeten the deal some by offering to split the cost of gas for anyone that’s willing to drag my sorry ass back from Austin on saturday.



Well. THIS bites.

Had a death in the family last night. As such, I’ll be out of town for the next five days or so. sigh

I was really looking forward to seeing all o’ya’ll (and meetin’ the new ones).


I’ve got to put the dogs in a kennel, too.

Sorry to hear that, Lightnin’. :frowning:

Sorry to hear it to, Lightnin’.
If anyone’s got a spare helicopter, I can still make it.

I’m planning to go.

Lightnin’ my friend, my condolences. We’ll miss you, and be thinking of you and yours.

FunkySpaceCowpoke, I’m planning on staying thru until I do things with other friends Sunday, but I’lll suggest you check Greyhound. Wasn’t too bad the last time I did it.

** Ringo ** thanks for the suggestion, I hadn’t thought about looking to the grey dog for a lift back, I’ll check into that. Maybe I’ll see ya at the fest.

Well, crap! I’m sorry to hear about the loss, Lightnin’. My condolences go out to you. Have a safe trip, and get back safely for your birthday (what’s the actual date of that, by the way?).

As for the rest of us, let’s see if we can’t get a head count, shall we? We’ve got:
El Elvis Rojo
Scooby TX
Hugh Jass
Purple Bear and the bear clan
(total of three, plus one more?)
The Nerd (plus one)

And I believe you’ll be there as well, TheFunkySpaceCowboy, yes? And beuroman gave us good advice about getting out of Houston, but no “Yes/No,” so if we get a response from him, that would be great.

So we’re looking at 16-18 people here. Damn!

I’ll be fashionably late as the anti-war demonstration kicks off at 1pm and I want to hang around for a couple hours. Unless it’s pouring down rain of course. Then I’ll be early.