Austin Dopefest-who's on board?

As was established in an earlier thread, our next Batdope is scheduled for March 15, 3 o’clock, at the wonderful Shady Grove. Who’s planning to attend?

I’m planning on being there. Who else? Step right up and be counted.

1624 Barton Springs Road

Yes! Set yourself before us and let us see your face!

I do believe I shall attend.

May I take my pal Gorilla Magoo? :wink:

Absolutely! The more friends, the marrier (unless, of course, they’re psycho…then things could just be wierd and awkward).

I’m on board, and I know Crorex is planning on making it as well. Also pavnik (I hope I spelled that right) is planning on coming. I had a list somewhere, but I lost it. Oh well, here’s a good way to get an updated and better one.

And reminder…if you show up late, we’ll be there under the name:


Just a heads up.

I’ll show up late, probably.

I should be good to go. If I can make it to friday without a suprise project at work it’ll be all good.

Hmm… Mar 15th… checks calendar So far, it’s looking good. (I’m not, but hey, that’s another topic altogether…)

Count me in. And possibly I can talk Mr Bear, BlueBear, and luminousman into coming with me. Wouldn’t that be something? The whole Bear clan at once.

:smack: Oh, wait. That would scare off anyone who’s met us before…


I’ll try to make it, probably late, though :smiley:

yay, my first dopefest!!

I’d still like to come, too! Sounds like fun!

If ye can fit two people in a Mini, lovely. :slight_smile:

I was wondering whether the Bear clan would be joining us. It just wouldn’t be a Batdope without y’all, purrplebear.

:smiley: Why thank you, Fionn. I’ll do my best to make it, and drag the other bears with me. Actually, son now has his own car, so he can drive himself. Even though, strictly speaking, only luminousman is an Austinite. But, hey, we’re only an hour and a half away. Thank you for making it early enough on a Sat, so that Mr Bear can come too. He has to leave for work at O dark thirty on Sun. morning, the poor dear.

So, where are all the rest of the Austinites? I sure hope more of them come along too. And it will be good to meet Malita and CRorex, and see Babs and Gorilla Magoo again. Not to mention Ringo.

Would some of you be interested in meeting on Friday?
That saturday I need to be back home by 4.
Seeing as it’s a 3 hour drive…

If not, all is cool. Now that I am my own boss, I can take time off when ever I want!

I can make the fest, I believe.

I can’t get out of San Antonio any earlier than Saturday.

hmm… I’ll try to bring pictures of the monkeys from work with me. There’s got to be something I can gank from the PR offices with monkey pictures.

When on Friday? I have work until 6:30, though I can get out early if I need to.

Oh now I for sure will have to make the saturday meet.
I rescheduled my appointment.

Monkey pictures. who can resist?

Bring cool looking science stuff,too!

Monkeys! woot!

Should we plan on an extra chair for a guest?

I just made reservations for a hotel room Saturday night, so I WILL be there, though I may be fashionably late or early depending on traffic and when I can drag my sorry ass out of bed on Saturday.

And I know what I’m wearin’. :wink:

Oh, can someone in town hit me with a cellphone number in the very unlikely event that I get lost? My only friend in town doesn’t have a phone on his pants like I do. :smiley: