Austin Dopers, it's our turn

Sapphire Bullet put me in charge of getting this ball rolling.
So let’s start with a check-in, the where and when to be determined.

A former Austinite now in Dallas checking in. If the circumstances are right, I may be able to attend.

Hola, amigos.

Depends on whatever dates y’all settle on; I’m a possible drive-in attendee.

<hijack>Thank you beatle for supplying the Dallas Dopers with some of the bubbly stuff last night. We really appreciated it. What a pleasant surprise from our Houston bud. Thanks!</hijack>

[continued hijack]Grace, dear, you are most welcome. I trust everybody got some?[/continued hijack]

<more hijacking>We all had champagne. It was so delicious. The first 2 bottles went very quickly (we had a lot of toasts) and we ended up buying 3 more bottles.</hijack>

I am flexible on a time…suggestions for a place, anyone?

I’ll drop in if anyone can fix a time that I’m actually in the country (given that I’m typing this in a record store in England right now)

Checking in
places?..not a clue, one
holler if you come up with anything, I’m there, with drink.

Here’s another Austin (TX) Doper checking in.

As to when/where…hrm… How about Ruby Tuesday’s, either down on the Southside or up near Burnett and 183? There’s always the wonderful Kerby Lane, but they’re awfully crowded. Both suggestions have plenty of seating, etc.

When? I propose a Friday or Sat. night, if possible.

Well, I’m in the Arboretum area, so that’s pretty much the only area of town I know. Ruby Tuesday would work for me, so would the Iron Cactus. As always, I’m open to more suggestions.

I agree that a Friday or Saturday would work best.

Colin, when are you going to be back in the country?

How about On the Border (mexican) near the Arboretum?

I forgot to add that if you have it on a Saturday, I’m almost sure I can attend. I work on Fridays so I won’t have time to drive to Austin and still meet y’all. Saturdays are better because I can drive down and spend the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon with my family.

Grace - if I’m here, maybe we can carpool!

It sounds like most folks would like a Friday evening or Saturday Dope Fest. Now, WHICH Friday or Saturday will it be? Any suggestions?

Personally, I’d prefer later in the month, like the 26/27th?

I’m an out of town drive-in possibility, so a Saturday is best for me. The weekend of the 27th conflicts with a Houston Dopefest. Anywhere in Austin’s OK with me.

Well, we don’t want to prevent the Houston dopers from attending (or vice-versa), so how about one of the Saturdays on either side? Jan 20, or Feb 3?

I’m also open to anywhere in Austin, I just probably won’t offer many suggestions from the parts of town I’m not very familiar with.

Zyada, carpooling is a great idea! My entire family still lives in Austin so if you want, you can stay with me at my parent’s house or wherever I end up staying.

We’ll be coming from the south side of town. Speaking as native Austinite, just name the place/location and I can find it.

As far as the date goes, I could probably manage January 20th but February 3rd would be much better. January 13th is also good since it’s a 3-day weekend.

Much as I’d love to spend the trip in Grace’s car with my head in Zyada’s lap (or vice versa), I couldn’t make it the weekend of the 3rd because I will be in the throes of my company’s big conference that weekend, and couldn’t get to Austin any sooner than probably nine PM - not to mention it would be dangerous for me to embark on a three-hour drive by myself after a grueling day of conventioneering.