Austin Dopers, it's our turn

Hi, Nerd and other Austinites! :slight_smile: I’m down in San Antone, but would easily come up for a dopefest. I might be able to make the 13th of Jan (maidenunicorn can come then too), but the 3rd of Feb would be better for me, and that way, I can drag MrBear along too. :wink: Hope to see you there, Grace, Zyada and everyone else who can come.

As for suggestions, I have none, only just starting to learn the UT area and driving up and down I35.

[hijack]Thank you, beatle, I quite enjoyed the champagne you so generously provided. Looking forward to seeing you again on the 27th.[/hijack]

[hijack]You’re more than welcome, purple.[/hijack]

Bumpitty bump.

As long as we’re on the subject (are we?), are they Austinites or Austoneians? 'Nother bump for ya, pal.

bumpity, bumpity, bump…

We’re Austinites! I’ve never heard another term used regularly.

I’m all for later in the month, or even into February. I’m busy this weekend (the 6th) but have the weekend of the 12th & 13th free. The 20th I’m booked all weekend (Irish language immersion weekend). But I’m free on the 26th and 27th.

The 3rd seems to be looking good so far (sorry Chef Troy :frowning: ), I don’t want to push this thing back too far.

But before we decide on a day, I want to hear from some more dopers. Astorian, TXLonghorn, I’m looking in your direction.

come on you Austinites! get over here!


Things that go bump for the night

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.



Okay, so, are we waiting on others or can we make some decisions?

Anyone have any other favorite restuarants they want to recommend? There’s also the Macaroni Grill, a great Italian place near 183 and (I think it’s) Braker. Plenty of seating and good food.

Let’s start making some decisions. I suggest the evening of Feb 3rd for a time.

For a place:
Iron Cactus (north austin) - pros: plenty of drinks and pretty good tex-mex available, should have enough room.
Cons: kinda spendy for the food, parking is tight at prime times

Macaroni Grill (183 and great hills)- pros: lots of room, good food
cons: not sure the hours accomodate if we want to stay all that late.

Mojo’s coffee house (guadalupe) - pros: great atmosphere, couches, coffee, beer
cons: kinda small, might be crowded.

Other suggestions are appreciated, especially off the wall university sort of places that I should know but don’t.
I also have it on good authority that another Austinite has just joined the board. I’ll try to convince her to attend.

Okay, if we’re doing to do this on a Friday night, then we need to find a place that’ll be open and not too crowded… which could be a problem. I would propose a Saturday in the early to mid-afternoon.

PROS: lots of places open, yet uncrowded. Gives the drive-by attendees time to get here.

CONS: the places with great atmosphere/ambience might not be open that early. Some people have a hard time getting out of bed even by 1 or 2 PM.

Commentary? Suggestions? Threats and reprisals?

I say no to the Iron Cactus- it’s too pricey

Macaroni Grill is a good idea

I think the Sat. afternoon suggestion is a good one. Fri. nights places are too crowded.

I’d kind of like to move further south- what do you guys think of Shady Grove or Chuy’s? Chuy’s might be a little tight for seating, depending on how many people we have…

The Crown and Anchor pub is open in the afternoon and is pretty central.

Shall we start solidifying these plans?

I just looked up the Shady Grove. Very cool looking place.
Saturday afternoon sounds good too.

So my amended suggestion is now:
The Shady Grove, 4:00pm Feb 3rd

Now, I’m not claiming to be in charge here, so if anyone has objections, voice 'em.

Shady Grove has a great menu, too. If any of you folks out there are the veggie type, there is a GREAT eggplant sandwich.

speak up guys! let’s get this thing on the road :slight_smile:

I think you Austing Dopers should come to this side of the Gulf and have a huge party!! The Gasperilla Parade will be the Sat. before the Super Bowl. There will be over 500,000 people so it should be kinda fun. Plus, MacDill AFB is going to constantly fly planes over downtown. Everything from A10s to F117s. That will be awesome to have the jets buzzing by all afternoon. I will definitely bring a camcorder this year.
Anyway, I say you all sail on over here. That way you guys get to have A LOT of fun, and I get to meet Sappire Bullet!! Everyone goes home happy!!

Florida, hm? If you’ll provide the transportation, I’ll be there with bells on :slight_smile:



Okay, The Shady Grove sound cool to me. I’ve not been there, but I do like exploring new places to eat. I’m in!

Bear_Nenno, I could careless about the Superbowl, except for the cool commercials, but if you provide transportation and allow me to pilot one of the F117s, I’ll be there! :smiley:

yet another bump due to the rash of jell-o pit and marriage madness :stuck_out_tongue:

you can check out Shady Grove here

In all likelihood, I can make it, with a couple of caveats:

  1. I know squat about Austin (been there just once), and I tend to get lost a lot, so directions are a very good thing.

  2. Anyone wanna shelter a poor college student for a night or possibly two?

FYI, street address about Shady Grove:

1624 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704-1035
Phone: (512) 474-9991

Okay, it seems like the date/time/place are set. Who’s coming?