Austin Dopers, it's our turn

I’ve got an office move that will fall around that date, but isn’t scheduled yet. Until I know for sure, I must remain a “possible, with intent.”


Hey guys, i’m an Austinite! So maybe i’ll come too. Feb 3rd is fine with me, i just have to arrange a ride to get there (no more car, it went to that big junkyard in the sky :frowning: ). BTW, are there any special activities or other plans for this? Just curious…


P.S. Thanks for pointing me over here Grace! :slight_smile:

No special activities planned (as far as I know). Once they kick us out of the restaurant, we might think of something. :smiley:

Max, I have lots of extra floor space, and a couch. I also have two insane cats.

Cats love me, and the feeling’s mutual, so if you don’t mind, I’ll take advantage of you. Email me and we’ll work out details.

I’m an austinite (native~!)

Just wondering if the riff-raff is welcome.

Everyone is welcome. If we don’t like you, we’ll just pretend we’ve never seen you before.

So when I said ‘riff-raff’, you thought I was referring to myself? Oh no my friend, I was talking about Demise, if he still comes around.

But that would explain why know one seems to know me.

If the riff-raff do show up, I want to sit with them. They always seem to have the most fun anyway. :smiley:

As noted above, Grace, I’ve got a potential conflict but if I can do it some of the riff-raff will be there.


So far it looks like we have 11 people set to attend this shindig…

Max Torque
Mrs and Mr Purplebear
LCP2972? minty green? can we count you in?

and if anyone happens to see some of the other Austin dopers, send them over here! :slight_smile:

Now all we have to do is remember this for 23 days (from today).

nah. I will keep bumping this in hopes of attracting more people. Why this freakin’ thread can’t stay on page one for more than a few hours is beyond me! :slight_smile:

Probably because I haven’t been doing my bumping duty.

And I’m hoping to have one more to add to that list of attendees, but nothing’s certain yet. Far from it, actually.

Bumpity bump bump

Gee, thanks for the intro muppetpoop. I don’t get to MPSIMS a ton, mostly hang in GD and the Pit…color me adversarial… :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, we’ll see.

bump :slight_smile:

So am i going to have to wear a name tag that says “Hello, my name is Dani Filth”?. How are we going to know who’s who? Just wondering. Hehehehe…

Oh yeah, and BUMP! :slight_smile:


IIRC, there was a St. Louis Doper meeting that failed to agglutinate because, while several came to the named bar, they never recognized each other.

Here (Houston), we’ve used name tags and a sign (SDMB) on the table. I believe Phil Dennison suggested funny hats as a recognition method once.