Austin Dopers, it's our turn

If you need to recognize me, just follow the link to my homepage (the little red house at the bottom of this post). Actually, it’s just my Yahoo! profile page, but it does include a picture and probably WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much information about me.

Anyways, I’ll be there in my leathers, since I’ll be biking in. Look for the biker in his black leather chaps and jacket and black helmet (all color-coordinated, y’know! :D)

Had to get your attention somehow… :wink:

Don’t count me in yet. I’m going to Vancouver for a week, so I’m not going to decide whether to show up until the week before y’all’s party.

I suppose I should bump this or something.

Note that I’m still conditional, as well.


all you crazy conditional people!!

Perhaps we should let the host/hostess know we are all meeting so they can point us in the right direction as we trickle in.

Well, we (Mr and purplebear) will be coming, as of right now. Looking forward to seeing The Nerd again, and Grace and Zyada, if they can make it, and all of the new people I didn’t know were there in Austin.

Just keep us informed if anything changes. I’ll keep checking this thread out, or Mr Bear will.

I’m still planning on attending. See you on the 3rd.


this thread must be made of concrete! :slight_smile:

[sub]and if you’re reading this TNB, i’m going to bed right now![/sub] :stuck_out_tongue:

Just look for the guy wearing a black leather trenchcoat and a gory Cradle of Filth shirt. That’ll be me :slight_smile:


I would if I could, but I can’t afford fun 'till I get a new job…you guys have fun.

Depends on my schedule, but I’ll try to make it. Somebody just remember to give this thread a good bump on the 1st or 2nd, 'kay?

I’m so glad you posted that. I had assumed you were a short, thin girl with long, brown hair and freckles! :slight_smile:
Because that’s what a “Dani” looks like!

LOL Sapphire! I’ll be pretty hard to miss. If you see a guy and think, “God i hope my kid doesn’t grow up like that!”, it’s most likely me. Hehehe. I’m a guy, about 6’1"… though i do have long brown hair… :smiley:


Gotta go with Sapphire Bullet on that one. I thought Dani was a girl too. Now that we know what he looks like, I’m sure he’ll be easy to spot.

As for me…just look for the person most frazzled. That’s usually my condition when I arrive late (as is my habit).

we fell off the edge of MPSIMS, so…

hopefully we can get some new blood in here soon.

Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like that will be moving day for me. Here’s a bump, though.

Aw, that’s too bad, beatle. But don’t worry, I am thinking we should meet again to welcome MsRobyn to Austin (I think she gets here in March).

So, where will we be retiring to for the late-night drunken debaucheries, post-Grove? hehe