Anyone up for a Batdope?

Lately, I’ve found myself thinking “You know, it would be really good to have a Batdope soon.” Anyone else agree? I’m thinking mid to late March, just to get the time-frame discussion going.

Batdope? What’s a Batdope?

Is its secret location deep underground in the Dopecave? Is Robindope its sidekick?

I’d be up for that- and, hey… mid-to-late March is just in time for my birthday!

Anyone know if the bats’ll be back in town by then? It’d be good to actually see 'em again.

Umm, just a suggestion, which it is totally understandable if you’d rather take a miss on. I’m going to be visiting Genseric in Abilene the weekend of the 28th-1st-2nd, and I’d love to meet the BatDopers. If it’s too early, that’s fine, but if you’re amenable, so are we.

I’ll even bring cake to make up for the fact that we moved it away from Lightnin’'s birthday.

I was wondering if the 1st would be good for anyone. bristlesage is coming in to Abilene for a visit that weekend, and we’d like to come down to the big city. A Batdope would be great. The problem is, there’s a slight chance plans may change up until around the 22nd, so we can’t commit to anything until then. I’d hate to screw anything up for anyone, but even if there’s no Batdope, we might still come down, and if anyone wanted to hook up with us, that’d be great too.

Look–I was only being semi-facetious.

Seriously–where would a Batdope be? I see people from locations in TX and NV saying they’re interested, so…where is the “Bat-” in Batdope?

It’s a dopefest in Austin, TX. Austin is known for a rather large roost of bats that live underneath one of the main bridges.

Ohhhhhh! And here I was all excited about the potential of a DopeFest exclusively for Batman fans. sigh

The bats at the Congress bridge.

The first dopefest I went to, we all walked down to see the bats, after dinner. If you’ve never seen the bats, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. It’s pretty awe-inspiring.

The colony’s something like 1.5 million strong. When they take off at night, the flock (swarm?) shows up on weather radar.

Interested - I’ll follow this thread.

Sounds like fun. I’ve got no beef with the time-frame either.

Unfortunately I live in the north east. But I had the chance to see them last year whilst visiting my son.

Safety Tip* If they fly directly over your head, do not stand there with mouth agape saying, “WOW”…

I’ll happily turn up and sulk in the corner as usual:p

Bad News Baboon is going to SxSW on the 13th of March…

Well, with my new schedule, I tend to work on Saturdays, but given enough advanced warning, I should be there. There is apparently a Zombie Film Fest on the 8th, if anyone’s interested :). If not, then whatever date will work for me, so long as we get settled a good couple weeks in advanced.

Screw the bats. Now I’m just jealous of you.

Gah, I’ve lived in Austin for going on eight years now and have never gone to see the bats :smack:.

Barton Springs, Mount Bonnell, etc. dozens of times but never the bats. Not even when I lived on So-Co. What the hell’s wrong with me?

Cool! If you’re planning to stay in Austin that weekend, I’m perfectly cool with holding it on the 15th.

I have yet to make it up to Mount Bonell. The first time I saw the bats was at the Sep. 2001 Batdope.

sounds fun!

my parents live in Leander, so staying the weekend is not a problem…

in fact it’s probably mandatory! :wink:

Funky Space Cowboy and I should be able to attend. I have old friends to look up in town anyway… time I paid the city a visit again after all these years.