Austinites! Up for an emergency BatDope?

It’s official: I’m moving to Oregon. And, like, real soon now- I’m estimating that I’ll be on the road on August 21st.

So… I’d like to see ya’ll again, one last time. Who’s up for a BatDope?

Location- how’s Hula Hut sound?

Date- um… any day that’s good for everyone else. My schedule’s kinda empty until the 19th. I’ve got a lot to do, but it’s fairly easy for me to schedule time for goodbyes.

A BatDopeLunch is even a possibility, if that’d be easier for everyone.

I’ll have to look at my schedule, but I’m definitely interested.

Well, just wanted to bring it up again. How’s Sunday, August 22nd sound to anyone?


Um… the 22nd won’t work for me. I’m planning on being on the road on the 21st. :smack:

I work until 5 this Sunday, but I’m free otherwise.

Somehow, I thought this was the thread I started…didn’t see that you’d be bolting so soon. D’oh!

This Sunday, I’ll have friends in town, and we’ll be kinda outta town, I believe (a trip planned for Pace Bend is in order), but I could swing a lunch on Saturday. I have to be back at work by 5:00, but if we can somehow kick things off early (like noonish or 1:00), I’d be up for that, I’d just have to leave early. But short time is better than no time, no?

Hula Hut works for me.


Bump bumpity bump bump.

(it’s looking like it may just be the three of us, but honestly…with Fionn around, who else do you need? :slight_smile: )

Where and when? I might actually emerge into reality for this one!

Awwww. :slight_smile:

Well, obviously this weekend was a bust :frowning:

I don’t have to be in at work until 2:00, perhaps there’s a day you can do lunch sometime? Maybe not Hula Hutt due to the wait, but there’s always Vietnamese food (assuming your Vietnamese hasn’t faltered and you’re not scared of accidentally ordering tripe again :))

Sorry it seems we couldn’t manage to pull things together here :frowning:

As it is, I just wanted to say it’s been great knowing you, and although your distance from Austin won’t prevent any of us from still talking with you through the boards, your abscence from Austin will be noticed. Hate to see you go, but hopefully the new job will bring you much happiness, and more importantly…PAY!!

Have a great trip, good luck in the new home, and let us know how the new digs treat you. And remember, you’re always welcome to come back :slight_smile: